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Round ligament pain after birth?

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ilovetosleep Wed 17-May-17 19:26:59

Has anyone had this?

I'm 5 days pp with DC3 and haven't had any after pains since yesterday. Suddenly this evening while standing I was bent double with sharp pains really low down on the left of my abdomen. They are coming and going but take my breath away and a hot water bottle is helping. They are coming in waves so I would assume just more after pains, but they are really focussed on one spot on the left which makes me think it's something else. It definitely feels muscular or like ligament pain, but I'm worried it could be a sign of infection or something else.

Any ideas?

Civilsoot Mon 22-May-17 19:32:00

Not much help but I'm getting something similar. Mine isn't on one side, I've got muscular cramping pain all in my lower abdomen. I had it checked out as I was worrying about infection but midwife said it's most likely round ligament pain. I had spd for the second trimester and it feels similar.

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