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41 weeks pregnant...

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beansbananas Mon 15-May-17 11:14:30

I've tried raspberry leaf tea, sex, curry, meditation, yoga, walking, acupuncture, bouncing on my yoga ball... what more can I do? I really wanted to avoid having a sweep and induction, but every day it's looking more likely! Today I appear to have a slight upset tummy from the curry, but otherwise I feel pretty good. Any cramping I ever get, seems to disappear over night, and so I just don't think this baby has any interest in coming out. But I'm so uncomfortable and just want to get on with the challenges of breast feeding and sleepless nights... I'm a ftm! Is there anything else I can do? Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Thanks.

toadierocks Mon 15-May-17 17:03:33


Both my pregnancy's were 41 weeks, however they both arrived at 41w1d. Hang on in there, every day past EDD can seem like a lifetime. I refused any sweeps also.

Best you can do is rest up and eat little and often. It really is the worst going overdue but it's all worth the wait and soon you'll be in full swing labour and these last few days will seem like a world away. Try and rest up brew and avoid anymore curry - darn thing never worked for me either, just gave me really bad wind blush

Best of luck for your impending birth x

Emma1609 Mon 15-May-17 18:54:29

I was booked in for an induction at 41+6 (or something like that) after a failed sweep etc. I went into labour the night before the induction! There's nothing else you can do, it's juat really tough psychologically!

Ask your mum and other relatives how long they were pregnant for - I read a really interesting article about how genetically everyone is designed to gestate for different lengths of time - for some women 42 weeks is their normal, for others it's 37 weeks. So just blame your genes!

Michaelsone1 Mon 15-May-17 18:57:00

In the same boat and none of that stuff really works! I've had 2 failed sweeps, lost plug 2 days ago and nothing. Feel really deflated and huge so I feel restricted and just fed up. I don't get how women go into labor naturally at 37 weeks!!

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 15-May-17 18:57:59

Of the lot you have listed, walking, exercise ball and deep low squats are most likely to help. Don't despair, hope it happens soon x

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 15-May-17 18:58:36

Automatically typed the x; thought I'd beat explain before the vipers come and cart me off to netmums

juneau Mon 15-May-17 18:59:39

Upset tummy could be a good sign - that was the first sign for me that things were moving!

Walk briskly (if you can). Any kind of exercise is good.

toastandmarmiterocks Mon 15-May-17 19:30:14

How about nipple stimulation? Try hand expressing.

pennysays Mon 15-May-17 23:51:05

@notwithoutmymerkin LOLZ

OP I feel ya. Nothing to be done though. From what I've read nipple stimulation is the only thing with robust research behind it. It is having 0 effect on me sadly.

These babies are coming out one way or another and with every day that passes the chances of you going into labour increase. And you've still got another 7 days before anyone starts worrying.

I too want to avoid sweep or induction but our babies may just be too comfy. It's really hard but let nature take its course it really is a case of mind over matter, there's no reason why baby should make an appearance just because we're bored and what to meet them!

pickletoots Tue 16-May-17 00:19:44

Good luck! I tried all that too and my little one arrived term plus 9. Unfortunately baby will come when they're ready. Try and rest and stock up on sleep. My newborn is 3 weeks old now and I am absolutely exhausted.

SuperSix77 Tue 16-May-17 00:56:07

Baby will come when it comes!! I tried all of that too but ended up being induced, even with number 6!! And it didn't work!! Finally delivered 12 days after my due date (and 2 days after induction date!!) - healthy baby, now 2 days old. Sit tight & try to rest!! Your baby will be in your arms soon.

SuperSix77 Tue 16-May-17 01:00:23

By the way nipple stimulation definitely works - but approach with caution!! We tried it at 10pm on my due date with number 3. I was having strong contractions by 10.30pm & thought I was going to deliver in the car. I didn't...but it was THE WORST LABOUR EVER!!! No respite between contractions at all & they were the strongest I've ever experienced. Would NOT recommend! Better to let nature take its course. 🙄

beansbananas Wed 17-May-17 09:25:09

Thanks everyone! Had a sweep yesterday and was told the baby is ready and so is my body. Had cramps yesterday evening, and after peeing every hour through the night, I think contractions have started! They are a bit irregular at the moment and I have constant discomfort in between. What do I do now?!!!!

MissMooMoo Wed 17-May-17 09:50:29

Hi OP, I am a FTM and today is my due date so feeling fed up.
Very exciting to hear you are most likely in early labour!!! MW advised me to keep moving around when this happens and drink lots of fluid.

CatsCantFlyFast Wed 17-May-17 14:43:18

Keep active, walking, squats, exercise ball. Good luck

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