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The start of labour?!

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Michaelsone1 Sat 13-May-17 22:46:36

My second baby, first labor came on full bore within 30 minutes so not sure what this is.

I am 40 + 3 had second sweep yesterday, midwife said it was very effective and she pulled my cervix forward and that she doesn't expect to see me at next appointment. I wasn't so sure about that as the sweep didn't hurt at all, neither did the first, although she had a bloody good rummage about this time!

Lots of pressure down below yesterday after the sweep and frequent braxton hicks, but no cramps. Wake up this morning with on and off lower back ache, wouldn't describe it as cramping though, just a back ache on and off all day. Lost my mucus plug as well today. Had braxton hicks since 20 weeks, daily, and they've never hurt, however with every tightening today I get immense pressure down below and pain in my upper thighs so id say they're now beginning to hurt a little. I've also started getting back ache with every tightening, although no pattern to them at all and they only last like 5 seconds. Finally when I wee I get awful pressure in cervix and upper thighs.

Although all of this is uncomfortable, I can cope and am not in agony. But not sure if this is the start of labour? Did anyone else have what I've described?!

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pickletoots Tue 16-May-17 04:49:51

Sounds like the start of labour to me! These symptoms were the same as mine and started after a sweep. Lower back ache and pain at the top of the thighs. Came and went for 48hrs before I was in established labour. Tens machine and a bath helped with the pain. Phone the triage unit of worried but sounds like things are starting. Good luck!

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