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Being Induced in the morning

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Imjustsaying Sun 14-May-17 05:41:26

Just a quick update, I had the propess at 8:30 last night but nothing has progressed so far which I didnt really expect anyway.

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MmmMalbec Sat 13-May-17 06:28:06

I was induced at 36 weeks with pre e and IUGR. Had two pessaries 24 hours apart. Second one one went in at 1pm. Started to think I had strong back ache about midnight. By 1.10am I was in a fair bit of pain so phoned DH to come to the hospital. Baby was born at 2.31am!!! They officially have my labour as 31 minutes. But I was having strong pain for about half an hour before that. Didn't have any pain relief until the last 5 minutes before pushing because they didn't realise I was so far gone. First degree tears that I never felt afterwards.

My placenta was retained and I lost a lot of blood. I don't know if that was the speed of things, the early nature of my induction or the fact it was knackered from the pre e.

Good luck!

Rockspin Sat 13-May-17 06:01:02

Good luck today!
I'm being induced on Friday due to similar issues plus gestational diabetes, but I've been induced before too 3 years ago with dd at 38 weeks.
Basically I arrived at the ward for 8am, had lots of monitoring checks and waiting around till midday when I had the pessary put in (cardboard tampon type thing). I was monitored for an hour then allowed to wander so DH and I went to the cafe for lunch, and walked up and down stairs to try and let gravity help things!
By 4pm I had a bit of cramping. At 7pm DH went home and overnight I had contractions but nothing major (paracetamol given). Waters went on their own at 5am then pain really ramped up. Called for DH at 8am, pain was getting intense. Lots of monitoring and checks. At 10/11am I had pethedine and I was violently sick so had a bath and then was taken to labour ward. By 2pm I was on the drip and had an epidural which was lovely. I was only about 4cm at this point. Midwife suggested I sleep so I did. Completely pain free at this point! At 9pm I was checked and still not dilated so I was given till midnight to progress or have a section as babys heart rate dipped. But at midnight I was dilated and she was born at 2am with no section and no intervention.
It was a long process but I felt safe as lots of monitoring and overall it was really positive.
Good luck smile

Imjustsaying Sat 13-May-17 01:23:45

40+3 and being induced in the morning for reduced movements and a slow in growth. I've not had much explained about the process as all very sudden. Can anyone shed a little light? Thanks all, very nervous

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