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Wexham Park

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CaipirinhasAllRound Tue 09-May-17 20:31:36

Anyone choosing to go elsewhere when Wexham is their nearest?
I'm due in 5 ish weeks and will go to Wexham. Had #1 there 3 years ago too but sense negativity from some people when they ask where I'm going.
Just curious!

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Thu 11-May-17 23:34:49

Had awful time there in 2013 but much better this time. However, it's very busy. Postnatal ward is very very busy but the staff were all very pleasant and always answered the call bell eg for pain relief, sick bowls etc.

Butimstillhungry Sun 14-May-17 09:41:20

I had a lovely birth at the birth centre there in 2013. Was planning on going there in December last year for number two, but ended up having a home birth because the birth centre was closed due to staff shortages and the labour ward was understaffed too.

So be aware that it may be very busy as pp said.

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