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Scared of getting stitches from tearing

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xxyoungbutproudxx Sat 06-May-17 20:29:50

So I'm 35 weeks with ds1 and the idea of childbirth doesn't scare me but getting stitches after tearing does!
I know not all women tear but I'm worried if I do will that hurt and will getting the stitches hurt? (Never had stitches for anything so don't know!)

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justdontevenfuckingstart Sat 06-May-17 20:32:03

I had an episiotomy and internal and external stitching. Had gas and air, didn't feel a thing. I started rambling like a total idiot whilst off my face tho!

tinytoucan Sat 06-May-17 20:32:34

Getting the stitches hurt less than birth for me- didn't have any pain relief for the birth (gas & air was distracting me so I stopped using it) but I used g&a for the stitches. It twinged a bit if I stopped sucking but otherwise was fine. It's really not as bad as you think it will be!

RoseDog Sat 06-May-17 20:32:41

I was numbed for the stitches not the episiotomy and had the gas and air, I remember talking crap to the doctor doing it and trying to help her blushblush, I don't remember any pain or feeling anything at all.

Wolfiefan Sat 06-May-17 20:34:59

Had gas and air for stitches. It was fine.
Healed well. Keep it clean. (I used to rinse with shower head and pat dry with clean kitchen roll!)

ParisGellar Sat 06-May-17 20:35:08

I had stitches for a second degree perineal tear. The worst part was the needle for the local anaesthetic and then I was given gas and air for the trickier 'inside' bits but all told it definitely wasn't the worst part of childbirth.

ParisGellar Sat 06-May-17 20:36:04

I'd also like to add, in terms of aftercare, I honestly never felt any pain from the stitches afterwards.

ThomasRichard Sat 06-May-17 20:41:20

I had an episiotomy with DS and tore with DD. I wasn't bothered by the stitches either time but did put a few drops of lavender oil on my maternity pads to help with the healing. Weeing stung for a week or two after DD so I used to hop in the shower!

Wincher Sat 06-May-17 20:43:50

First time round I had a spinal and an episiotomy so plenty of stitches but was well numbed so didn't feel a thing. Second time round I had a home water birth and didn't tear at all (even though his head was massive!). One thing you can do to reduce the likelihood of stitches is to push really slowly during crowning. I think the temptation is to push like fuck just to make the agony stop, but if you can possibly slow it down and pant, you can ease the head out gradually and your body stretches. I remember the sheer agony second time round but I managed to push slowly hence no tearing. Easier said than done in the heat of the moment though! Never felt pain like it!

PotPlantAddict Sat 06-May-17 20:44:18

I had three 2nd degree tears and although I could feel a little tugging towards the end, but it honestly wasn't painful at all (and I had a gorgeous little baby to coo over).

Definitely have a go at the perineal massaging if you are worried, I tried to but struggled with reaching the area.

xxyoungbutproudxx Sat 06-May-17 20:54:50

Ok thankyou all so much that has definitely put my mind at ease!! Now for the stupid question but does getting an episiotomy hurt??? (Just so I can mentally prepare myself for all eventualities!)

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Gazelda Sat 06-May-17 20:55:34

I had a local anaesthetic for the stitches, after which I don't remember feeling anything. I put a few drops of tea tree oil in my bath each day and they healed nicely.
Everyone's experience is different, but honestly, the fear of stitches was far worse than the reality (for me).

phoenixtherabbit Sat 06-May-17 21:00:14

I had stitches and when the midwife did them I honestly couldn't have given less of a shit I wasn't really with it. Had an injection for pain relief as I'd had none in labour and she offered me gas and air apparently I told her it was a bit late love

They healed fine and nobody ever checked them tho the midwife who visited me at home questioned me about then and she would have checked if I'd wanted or needed her to

My experience honestly wasn't that bad.

ThomasRichard Sat 06-May-17 21:06:39

Having an episiotomy didn't hurt me but I'd had an epidural so couldn't feel anything anyway.

PaintingByNumbers Sat 06-May-17 21:09:30

you can have pain relief for stitching. I didnt and it hurt a lot. on the other hand, I didnt feel the episiotomy at all, and that was with no pain relief. they do it mid contraction.

Mrsknackered Sat 06-May-17 21:47:32

I was stitched and didn't feel a thing (with DS1) I had a second degree tear and the healing was painful for the first week (I did have an infection and a haematoma though) but after that initial week it was all fine.

Jennie1978 Sat 06-May-17 22:29:32

I had a 4th degree tear with my 1st after induction (19 hours of constant contractions then it took 2 doctors to pull him out with vetouse). Every delivery is different and the reward of a lovely newborn makes up for all the pain. Everyone's pain thresholds are different and it depends how you respond to the pain relief. My best advise is go with your body. Childbirth is painful and you'll be sore whether you have an episiotomy, tears and stitches but it's all worth it.
My first birth was not pleasant but I felt totally in control the second time and the episiotomy saved me from having another massive tear. Good luck

rightsofwomen Sat 06-May-17 22:49:32

I think I had a local for the internal stitching I needed after DS1.
I wish someone had told me they would dissolve and float away in the bath. First I thought it was dead spider legs and then I thought FUCK the stitches have come out, I'm going to come undone. Not true - it was just me healing. I'd never had stitches before.

With DS2 I did tear a bit and she left it up to me to be stitched or not. Frankly the thought of someone sticking a needle in my foof at that point was too much, so we left me as I was. Just needed the midwife to check at my post-natal checks that they were healing. T- tree oil in my bath helped. I always associate that smell with the first few post-natal days.

plantsitter Sat 06-May-17 22:57:02

tbh once you reach the stitches point you are so elated that it's over, and all the love hormones coursing through you mean you don't give a shit. Also there's anaesthetic.

It's a but stingy when it's healing but I've felt worse.

MotherofBoy Sun 07-May-17 11:17:34

I had internal and external stitching (lots of stitches, too many to count and it took more than an hour to do). Stitches didn't really hurt even tho the local anaesthetic didn't work! I stupidly refused an epidural for the stitches as I was adamant I wanted to go home (in the end I stayed 5 nights - ha! How naive I was). So my recommendation would be if they offer you an epidural for the stitches if you didn't have one in labour take it as local anaesthetic not always sufficient. Honestly though having the stitches done was fine, a doddle in comparison to labour. Afterwards not so much but that's another story and only really needs thinking about if you come to it

MotherofBoy Sun 07-May-17 11:21:14

I would say tho before you go into labour stick some aloe Vera gel on some sanitary/maternity towels and put them in the freezer. Trust me on this one - it was better pain relief than any of the drugs they gave me

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