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Anyone had a Caesarian and major surgery at the same time?

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lilyborderterrier Thu 04-May-17 13:47:21

Hi so I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my planned 2nd baby 😍and I also have a humongous subserosal fibroid growing inside me as well. It's 16cm by 15cm so imagine the size of a melon! Im under the consultant led care and seeing him again in a few weeks to discuss my MRI scan and other stuff.
He mentioned that I would not be able yes have the same water birth on the birth unit I had with my first. ( this birth was great gas and air but I had to go into surgery after for a torn placenta and loss of blood. It was horrific and I am terrified it will happen again. So I'm pretty much set on asking for a planned cesarian (this is by no means the easy option as I'm really scared of hospitals and operations etc but I want to be in the right mindset and my baby and me to be safe. The question I'm rambling on about is has anyone had a planned c section and also either surgery or the removal of a large fibroid? How was it ? How did you feel/ recover ?
Is this even an option I can ask for ? I'm terrified that I'll have a tiny baby and a child starting school and then have the have another operation to remove the fibroid!

Any comments would be really appreciated x thank you x

sycamore54321 Wed 10-May-17 21:20:05

Obviously something to discuss with your doctor but many women have sterilisation procedures at the same time as c-section for their final child. From my friends who have done so, the main difference appears to be a longer time in the operating theatre after the baby is delivered and often the baby goes elsewhere with the partner while the non-birth part of the surgery is continued. I know though that for sterilisation, the failure rate is slightly higher for operations conducted during a section but many women are happy to balance this risk against having a separate procedure. I haven't heard of any of them having additional difficulties recovering above and beyond normal c-section recovery.

Best wishes.

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