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Visting a newborn

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Jenwen22 Mon 01-May-17 07:39:08

Hi all,

I'm expecting my first DS any day now (two days over due date), and recently a lot of family and close friends have been telling me they'll be coming round/travelling up to the area to see him when we come back from hospital. They'll most likely be staying with my parents and we'll end up going to see them there.

This is absolutly fine as its not like they're just randomers who are appearing out of the blue to fuss over a baby, they are people who genuinly will be playing a part in his life.

The only problem I have is that myself and DP live in a bedsit (think one room with bathroom and kitchenette off it). We're on the list for somewhere bigger (thats a story for another day) but it looks like its not going to happen for at least another month or two.

So my question is would it be Unreasonable to get people to ring before they come over; partly incase were not in or at my parents seeing my half of the family if they use that as a base, and partly because I had images last night of everyone turning up at once and theres no room for that. (With the furniture you can fit maybe five people in the main room). If so, how would I go about saying it without coming across as demanding or rude? I was going to put a nice note or something on facebook but not sure how to phrase it without seeiming precious?

I knew a couple who when they had their first DD got people to make appointments to see the babyhmm I'm not fussed with that idea personally, though each to their own lol. So any ideas off you lovely Mnetters would be appriciated! grin

Thank you grin xx

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Sparklyuggs Mon 01-May-17 07:45:38

I'd go with whatever suits you best, so if that's popping into your parents then do that. It also means you can leave when you want to, and your parents are hosting.

HumpHumpWhale Mon 01-May-17 07:53:51

Yanbu. If most people use Facebook, then yes, a note saying something like "can't wait to introduce everyone to baby but please remember our place is small, so to avoid traffic jams, please give us a ring before coming over!" I can't see how anyone could be offended by that. (Also who are these people who don't ring before descending on a family with a newborn!? Surely most people have more manners than that?)

loveulotslikejellytots Mon 01-May-17 08:04:58

I would ask if you could visit everyone at someone else's place. I did that with my side of the family as I knew if they came to our small house they would fill it, but also my DH would end up running around making tea and coffee, they are well meaning but don't get hints to leave etc so we would then end up making lunch for everyone.

We met everyone at my nans the day after we came home, my Nan and Auntie 'hosted' as its their house, everyone got a cuddle (and we got lunch made for us!). Bit of a chat, we both started yawning and made our excuses to leave after 2 hours! But everyone had met dd and we're happy to give us a few days peace.

Could you use the space issue to ask your mum to have everyone to hers?

loveulotslikejellytots Mon 01-May-17 08:07:46

Oh and no one that visited us (family, friends, work colleagues) did without ringing first. I know there are threads about people turning up unannounced expecting waiting on hand and foot, but I don't know anyone of my friends or family that has had this. Everyone was lovely, stayed an appropriate amount of time, offered to pick up anything on the way. Me may have just been lucky though I suppose! We have quite normal family and friends!

Jenwen22 Mon 01-May-17 08:37:26

Thanks ladies! Some brilliant advice (as alwaya lol).

I'mm seeing my mum later this week so I'll ask her then if we can do it all at hers. They have plenty of space and it would be nice to see everyone in more or less one go. I think most would ring, and it may be hormones, and lack of sleep thats making me think this lol, but i was just having these images last night where everyone turned up at once, and I was having to turn people away. But like I said I'll speak to my mum and arrange something at hers smile thanks again smile

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