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What is the best position for first-time births?

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justanotheryoungmother Thu 27-Apr-17 19:29:53

Midwife has said that flat on back makes it harder but didn't offer an alternative position that makes it easier to get the baby out hmm what position made it easiest for you?smile

(38 weeks and thinking about labour a lot)

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Aliveinwanderland Thu 27-Apr-17 19:31:38

I went to antenatal classes and learned about all sort of positions- ended up giving birth on my back as it was the comfiest for me at the time.

Try not to make too many plans, you will go with whatever is best at the time.

FreedomMummy Thu 27-Apr-17 19:33:20

Whatever position you find comfortable would be my answer! I delivered both mine laying on my back. I tried all fours and leaning on the back of the bed but the only place I was 'comfortable' (that's not the correct word but can't think of a better term!!) was laying down with my upper back propped up on pillows.
I would just advice to take it as it comes and keep moving around until you are as comfortable as possible.
Hope it goes well.

NellieFiveBellies Thu 27-Apr-17 19:33:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newmumwithquestions Thu 27-Apr-17 19:34:13

You'll probably naturally get into a position - I stood and held onto the bed, it wasn't planned but I found I couldn't lie down.

museumum Thu 27-Apr-17 19:37:08

Kneeling for me

HumpHumpWhale Thu 27-Apr-17 19:37:26

First baby I was on my hands and knees in a birthing pool. Second baby I was standing up, but kind of bent forward leaning on the bed, which the midwives had moved up quite high for me. I couldn't have tolerated being on my back. It just felt wrong.

crazypenguinlady Thu 27-Apr-17 19:39:26

Agreed you'll just automatically get into position at the time. I just wanted to kneel with my bum in the air for the last part of labour and birth. I had a water birth and was bent over the side of the pool to push his head out then he midwife coaxed me to turn around to bush his body out as I kept trying to close my legs grin i just naturally wanted to be on all fours.

user1491749851 Thu 27-Apr-17 19:44:26

First DD was on my back, DD2 was on my knees holding on to the back of the bed. Only reason was to speed it up, gravity and all that. You will find the right position for you when the time comes smile

Trifleorbust Thu 27-Apr-17 20:08:51

I needed to squat to get the baby to drop properly ready for pushing but I pushed on my back on the bed.

MuMuMuuuum Thu 27-Apr-17 21:12:14

Your body kind of tells you (sounds a bit woo I know)

I always imagined a water birth. I hated it, wanted my feet on the ground and strangely I got most comfort squatting and pulsing up and down during contractions.

Jenijena Thu 27-Apr-17 21:14:52

First time I was on my knees over end of bed, until they shifted me up/round for forceps (thankfully not used). Second time squatting/kneeling in a pool. If I do it again, I would definitely be in that position.

CassandraAusten Thu 27-Apr-17 21:18:15

I tried kneeling etc, but ended up on my back for all three DC, despite what everyone says about gravity. It's the most effective and comfortable position for me.

dippypanda Thu 27-Apr-17 21:27:14

I had a back to back labour and found the most comfortable was standing leaning over the bed. I could not be on my as it was so painful.

dippypanda Thu 27-Apr-17 21:27:37


NennyNooNoo Thu 27-Apr-17 22:16:30

I had one on the toilet! Head was birthed while I was sitting there - it was surprisingly comfortable. Managed to stand and catch the rest of her before she fell in the pan grin

Other 2 were on knees, one in a pool. As a PP said you will probably find your own natural position.

annlee3817 Fri 28-Apr-17 00:02:20

Kneeling on all fours was best for me in the end. I tried on laying on my side when pushing but was too uncomfortable, I actually got the head out sitting on the toilet... Midwife suggested it and it worked a treat lol

kel1493 Fri 28-Apr-17 00:14:32

It's one of them you won't know until the time.
I was laid on my back with my legs up as that's what I felt most comfortable with

PurpleTraitor Fri 28-Apr-17 00:16:27

First time I was stood up. Walking around. Yes, even as the baby came out.

Second time all fours

WantToGoingTo Fri 28-Apr-17 16:16:55

Agree with others that you will move into what ever is comfortable at the time. In early labour (and actually most of my labour!!) I was most comfortable on all fours leaning over my birthing ball. I had a waterbirth though so when I was in pool and actually gave birth I was held upright by husband arms under my armpits and pushing my feet against the side of the pool in a sort of half squat. Basically any position that is more upright will be better for birthing - all fours, leaning over ball/end of bed/partner, standing holding onto something, squatting, supported squat (like me - partner behind you holding you up). Give a few a try before baby comes!

Oly5 Fri 28-Apr-17 16:20:06

I wouldn't even try to plan it, what will happen will happen. You and your body do odd things in labour! Just decide at the time

soundsystem Mon 01-May-17 12:27:56

Yep agree with others, just try to listen to your body and go with what feels most comfortable at the time. In my case, it was kneeling with my arms/head on the bed.

pardreg Tue 02-May-17 17:37:20

I was very anti laying down and did most of labour kneeling over back of bed. Funnily enough mostly all that achieved was exhausting myself. I rolled over, they even got the stirrups out and itwas still pure agony but we got him out, no pain relief but I did have an episiotomy.

That was10 days ago he's on the boob as I type grin

alltouchedout Tue 02-May-17 17:39:58

Standing was the best position for me, with all fours a close second. I did all fours with ds3 even having had the easiest birth ever standing with ds2, because, well, at the time it just felt right. You just go with what your body tells you really.

TheSleeperandTheSpindle Tue 02-May-17 17:42:02

I agree that I don't think you'll know until you're in labour. Once my waters broke I automatically got on my hands and knees at home. I then gave birth standing up and kind of leaning on the end of the hospital bed, which the midwife had raised for me. There was no real thought involved, it just felt natural for me.

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