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Waiting for a call for induction

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DeployedAbroad Thu 27-Apr-17 13:48:35

Currently 42 weeks was supposed to be induced yesterday but hospital was full, booked in for today but again hospital is full. They MAY get to me later on tonight and they will possibly call me in this evening to just monitor the baby (i may also ask for a sweep at this point if i can) but its so frustrating i feel like I'll never get in there and I'm frightened about my baby even though she is moving fine and i used my home doppler to check her heartbeat which is also fine. Anyone else had to pass time waiting for the call for induction?!

NewMumSept2014 Thu 27-Apr-17 21:00:23

I was cancelled once when waiting to be induced for DD1. Was the most frustrating thing ever! Really feel sorry for you. In this situation I think it really comes down to who shouts the loudest tbh. If you get cancelled again I would make it clear that you are extremely annoyed +/- worried about reduced movement. If there's any concern about movement at this stage they would have to induce you anyway. Would make it more urgent. Keeping fingers crossed you get in!

DeployedAbroad Fri 28-Apr-17 00:04:55

Midnight. Just getting induction started. I wish we could choose a time! And my husband was sent home confused

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