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Csection questions

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babynelly2010 Tue 18-Apr-17 18:11:22

Did your bandage bleed through? I am on day 4 today after emergency csection. Today my bandage showed some areas with blood.

Tomorrow mw is coming, yesterday they said they are going to remove the dressing. Will they put something instead? I have a sort of a flap right now the worry is that it is all closed up in there. Not ideal environment for non covered wound.

mimiholls Tue 18-Apr-17 18:16:47

I think they'll want to check it if you've got fresh bleeding. They won't put anything else in once dressing is off, it ideally needs to get as much fresh air as possible.

evensmilingmakesmyfacehurt Tue 18-Apr-17 18:32:54

I had little patches of blood on my bandage but it was from where it first went on. They just remove it & leave it to heal. Make sure you let it air dry properly after a wash.

2014newme Tue 18-Apr-17 18:33:57

Yes mine got infection had to go back into hospital however my midwives were shit.

choccybiscuit Thu 20-Apr-17 16:39:34

Yes i had a alot of bleeding still going on when they removed the pressure bandage. A midwife cleaned it and said let it air out. Another midwife took a look when the shift changed and her face said it all really. She put another pressure bandage on for another 24 hours. Another midwife arrived the next day and took a look, she removed the bandage and put a light dressing on, I wore massive high waisted pants and aired it whenever I could. 16 days on I've still got some scabs to fall off but much improved.

babynelly2010 Thu 20-Apr-17 20:06:21

Thank you. My tape came off, all looks fine, but the cut is right in a crease, I am worried it's in perfect area for infection.

LondonStill83 Thu 20-Apr-17 20:18:38

I wore a maxi pad against the wound (so pad side on the wound, sticky side attached to knickers.

My scar is amazing so I think it healed well.

YouMeddlingKids Thu 20-Apr-17 20:37:13

I had bleeding for a couple of weeks, once the initial bandage was off I kept a maternity pad tucked inside my pants and made sure I washed the wound (either Cool boiled water or gently ran shower over it) and air dried lying down for half an hour after. Eventually healed, no infection.

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