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Water Birth Experiences

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isabelcg Mon 17-Apr-17 18:09:26

Hello everyone! I am currently a student at university and have recently written a research paper on home births, specifically water births. If anyone is able to fill out this brief interview/questionnaire, I would greatly appreciate it! Your responses may be as long as you'd like and will only be shared with my professor! Preferably, responses before Saturday, April 22 would be super helpful smile
Thanks xx
Race/Ethnicity: (optional)
Number of Home Births:
Number of Water Births:
Did you know someone who had previously had a home/water birth? ( i.e. relative/friend)

When did you decide/know you wanted to give birth in your own home rather than in a hospital?

What were some of the biggest factors you considered when choosing an alternative birthing method? Was cost one? Receiving an anesthetic?

Many women are concerned with the possibility of having a C-Section and hope to avoid such a measure. Is this something you worried about?

Did you have any concerns with the possibility of needing a C-section or having to be transported to a hospital?

What kind of medical practitioner did you have present, if any? Nurse/Midwife?

Describe your experience with home/water births:

What was your favorite aspect/ what did you like the best about giving birth at home?

How involved was your partner/spouse throughout the process of preparing for labor and during the delivery?

Would you recommend this to other women/families that are exploring delivery options?

TopKittyKat Mon 17-Apr-17 18:14:39

Hi OP,

You'd be better off putting your questionnaire into survey monkey. It will be easier for people to respond and for you to evaluate the responses. It also means people can respond privately.

It's free to use for a certain amount of responses. Google survey monkey to find it.

isabelcg Mon 17-Apr-17 19:09:26

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm not looking into evaluating the responses just getting someone's personal narrative with the topic. Having one response is enough smile I'll look into survey monkey though

isabelcg Mon 17-Apr-17 19:30:18

Here is a surveymonkey link for those who would prefer to answer privately smile

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