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VBAC or Elective section? Really unsure which way to go!

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MrsMammyM Sat 15-Apr-17 11:23:49

I had an app this week with MW to discuss mode of delivery for DS2. I had an emergency c sec almost 2 yrs ago with DS1 due to feral distress and thick meconium.
I went in thinking 100% C sec as I don't think I could go through the stress of a frightening labour again I spent so long of my first one crying because I was scared something was wrong just to be proved right after 12 hours and getting whisked into theatre. She went through the pros and cons and asked for my decision and I freaked out. I really really don't know which way to go any more 🙈 I've got loads of help lined up for the recovery period of a c sec but then part of me wants to try a natural birth... then I get petrified again and change my mind! I'm so scared of regretting whatever decision I make.

The MW said I've got a 70% chance of having a successful VBAC but when I checked Which to see what the hospitals average it was only 54% which to me doesn't seem worth the risk?

What are people's thoughts/experiences been like? I've got 8 weeks to make a decision which way to go and feel like flipping a coin and letting that decide right now lol

sycamore54321 Sat 15-Apr-17 22:41:16

If I were you, I'd go for a section again. My only hesitation would be if you want several more babies. While it sounds like the cause of your first section isn't something that carries over into this pregnancy (such as if you had an unusual shaped pelvis), I think you already have many of the disadvantages of c-section such as a scar. I was the opposite to you, had VB on my first and gave huge thought to a maternal request section on my second. I eventually decided against this purely on the basis that while my undercarriage was already damaged from the first birth, my abdomen wasn't and so I'd prefer to aim for keeping one area intact. That logic may not apply to you of course!

The experience of VB is ridiculously overhyped in pregnancy forums and trust me, you are not missing out on anything wonderous by not having a VB - the wonder is in having a beautiful baby, not in the process. I now don't regret my second VB but I really wish I had requested a section instead for both and not had to deal with all the pelvic floor consequences of VB.

If you found the recovery after an emergent section plus a full labour tolerable, then the recovery for a nice calm planned repeat section should be that much better.

Best wishes.

Fluffybrain Sat 15-Apr-17 23:02:59

I had a VBAC.
First birth was a 40 hour labour ending in emcs due to fetal distress and I couldnt progress beyond 8 cm. it was pretty traumatic.
Second was a vbac but only just and similar to a section really. I had a full spinal and baby was delivered in theatre via forceps. I couldn't feel anything and they pulled him out in one go. You can imagine the damage. I had infections after both births. I have my csection scar and numbness and my vagina is completely a different shape (like a U bend) and pelvic floor shot to pieces. I don't really regret the vbac though. I wanted to give it a shot. Recovery after my c section was awful. But things are easier second time around anyway as I knew how to care dorky baby.

wobblywonderwoman Sat 15-Apr-17 23:05:32

I had my first by emergency c section and opted for my second to be born by elective.

I just didn't want to risk it all happening again

NotTheBelleoftheBall Sat 15-Apr-17 23:11:17

I had an EMCS and there is no question in my mind, if I were ever to have another child I'd definitely have an ELCS.

For me (and of course it's an entirely personal choice):

The last two weeks of pregnancy were awful (DD was born at 41+5 after a long hot summer), if I can avoid that discomfort by having an ELCS at 39 weeks, GREAT.

I had a long labour pre EMCS and hadn't slept properly for at least a week. So I started motherhood on he wrong foot, and still don't feel like I've got that sleep back.

My vagina is literally the only part of my body untainted by childbirth, I have an apron of what I optimistically consider 'loose-skin' (it's fat), recurring piles, I grew several skin tags during pregnancy, and I'm now almost completely flat footed from the extra weight I'm still 4kg heavier than I was pre pregnancy there's no way in hell I'm risking my fanjo.

AliMonkey Sat 15-Apr-17 23:52:55

I had VBAC and am really glad I did. Life with toddler and newborn would have been much harder if couldn't drive or pick up toddler (particularly as they would I think have felt it was baby's fault they weren't being picked up any more). I also bonded with DC2 much quicker than DC1 (although can't be sure the CS for DC1 was to blame). Also gave DH new respect for me!

Having said that, I had decided that if ended up having to be induced I would have CS (as higher risks); if DS hadn't come out when he did they were on verge of insisting on CS: and if I had ended up with EMCS I would have wished I had had ELCS.

So VBAC worked out best for me but you have to make up your own mind!

Lotsofqueries Sun 16-Apr-17 02:45:30

It is so difficult to make these decisions when you don't know how labour will progress. I must say that doctors tend to give there 'better statstic' usually the national one, e.g. I was advised to have an ECV for a breech baby and it was 50/50! But when I got to hospital that was national rate and the hospital rate was 30% chance. It didn't work. Waste of time. Ended up with section anyway. I could have tried vaginal breech birth, but could have ended up with section anyway. So I would consider the chance of you using your energy to 'try', getting worn out, possible damage, and the possibility of ending up with section anyway! I felt I needed to get my head round which option and stick to it.

youvegottabekiddingme Sun 16-Apr-17 02:49:32

I had a VBAC for my third, two years after my second was born by emc. It was honestly the best thing. The midwife was fantastic and they monitor you a bit more closely so I felt everything was under control.

Whenwillwe3meetagain Sun 16-Apr-17 04:11:06

I'm due in sept and was meant to have ELCS w dc1 which ended up as EMCS. No doubt I want another section.
Recovery was ok and I don't need to experience birth. I have a scar already and don't need to risk the damage to my fanjo. I have to go to a vbac class but it won't change my mind.
I'm lucky as dc1 will be nearly 3 so not much lifting. nursery is v close and can use the bus or walk to shops.

Beansonapost Sun 16-Apr-17 06:14:27

Just had my elective 3 weeks ago after EMC with my first. In my assessment, it wasn't worth the risks trying for a VBAC even though the midwives kept stating how much of a good candidate I was for VBAC... well not after what the doctor explained to DH & I.

It went fantastic! recovery is going great...It was calm and over in about 45 minutes. No long drawn out process except the wait time before surgery...lots of emergencies the morning was bumped to afternoon

I didn't feel tired in comparison to my last where I laboured before. I personally don't care how my babies are brought into the long as its safe and they're healthy so I didn't feel compelled to try a vaginal birth. Plus this is my last, so worked out great. Plus the old scar was removed and the new one looks a lot better!

MrsMammyM Sun 16-Apr-17 17:15:23

Thanks for your advice ladies, I hadn't actually even thought about protecting my lady parts that are still intact! That's a good argument pro c sec haha

Beansonapost what did the doctor say to you & DH that midwife didn't? Or have I misread your message xx

cudbywestrangers Sun 16-Apr-17 17:29:21

I had emcs with ds1 due to undiagnosed breech. I chose vbac for ds2 but requested a late scan to check for breech so I wouldn't have a repeat. For me the no driving and no lifting would have been difficult so that put me off a cs. I also laboured quite well with ds1 so psychologically felt I could do vbac with a head first baby. Ds2 did get distressed and needed ventouse delivery so it wasn't straightforward but for me it was the right choice. It's very difficult for anyone to advise you. The stats for a successful vbac do depend on why you had a cs and whether those reasons are likely to still be present. Good luck!

ShamefulDodger Sun 16-Apr-17 17:33:22

Personally, I chose to have a second cesarean.

It was relaxing and quite a lovely experience.

It's quite a personal choice though.

I knew I only wanted two children and my downstairs mix up is all kinds of fucked up. grin

flymo79 Mon 17-Apr-17 04:00:28

shameful gringringrin
Just made me do a small accident in my pants!!!
Watching with interest as in a similar position, feeling conflicted as I'm pretty sure where I live I can just choose, but have only experienced recovery from VB before (which was far from great)

Teapot13 Mon 17-Apr-17 04:12:37

You'll get all different kinds of answers.

I was going back and forth -- and then one day I said to the doctor, "I feel like I ought to want to try a VBAC. It isn't so much that I actually want to try."

It's OK to want the Caesarean if you are nervous about natural birth.

Ginger782 Mon 17-Apr-17 04:24:29

That's a great way to put it Teapot! I think a lot of women feel they are supposed to want to try a VBAC just because that's how we are supposed to feel as women. It's ok to not want it grin Good luck with whatever you choose OP.

SamSiri1 Mon 17-Apr-17 10:40:57

I'm in a similar position with the whole VBAC section internal debate.
I had elective section with my first as he was breach and after an unsuccessful attempt to turn him the decision was made for section. I'd been heartbroken BUT It was calm, planned and I recovered fine. Never laboured.

My second is due in 5 weeks, I feel as if the midwives are pushing me towards vbac but truth be told I'm terrified of a natural birth! My placenta was obstructing at 20 weeks so have another scan next week. At the birth options clinic I said quite clearly I'm not ready to make a decision as I don't want to be disappointed if I can't choose again. She then asked me, "if you didn't have the placenta problem what would you opt for?" To which I said maybe vbac, but I do have the placenta issue so not ready to say. They wrote vbac on my form!!

I've since spoken to a DR on the antenatal ward and he asked why I was going for vbac, I answered and said I wasn't sure I was yet. He gave me advice that no midwife had given me stating that if I wasn't having any more then he would recommend it. I told him the loss of control in labour is what scares me the most (self confessed control freak over here!🙈), too many variables, and the fear of something going wrong and having an emergency... he listened, and said with all of that, and the fact you didn't labour at all I'd opt for a section. You'll get control back and you can make the decisions. He made it clear it my choice.

He actually asked, "what are you trying to prove with a Vbac?" Well that comment hit it on the head for me, trying to prove I can do it- not necessarily wanting to do it!!

I've got loads of support at home for after, husband off for 5 weeks after, mum, step mum and mother in law on hand to pitch in.... I'm owning my decisions for section now and telling them next week it's what I want. (But strangely feel I'll have a battle on my hands with midwives!)

ItsThisOneThing Mon 17-Apr-17 16:58:08

Hey, I'm in similar position, I've got 3 weeks to finally decide but I'm 99% sure I'll request elective section. My first birth was vaginal but around 40 hours long ending in 3rd attempt of the foreceps (next step would have been an emergency section). I got confused when I spoke to consultant as he obviously tried to persuade me towards another vaginal birth but I've heard so many horror stories that for me I'm settled on the (relative) predictability of an elective section.

I believe it to be the medically safer option, and selfishly with the addition of a 3-yr old in the mix this time round, I am comforted by the idea of being able to plan the date. It's so personal to the individual but if I were you I'd opt for a section. Good luck with it! smile

Beansonapost Tue 18-Apr-17 04:39:05


She just outlined clearly the risks. And the fact that an EMC in those circumstances could be far worse than a planned c-section.

The wound re-opening in natural labour was a possibility. An EMC could result in damage to the bladder because they're in a rush to get baby out... might take longer to get in because of scar tissue etc.

She also said vaginal birth isn't always risk free and since I'd never had one before I could be worse for wear coming out the other end... and it doesn't always mean a quick recovery.

So we just said we wanted the was also great as DH could arrange for someone to come and stay with our DD. We have no family here so he had to get someone from work. Knowing the date made us very organised and worked in our circumstance.

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