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C Section Pre-Op

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fizzingwhizbee Wed 12-Apr-17 17:45:50

I'm booked to have CS next Wednesday. I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow morning but have absolutely no idea what this entails.

Could anyone who's had one please give me an idea of what happened at theirs?

Positive elective CS stories very welcome also as I'm feeling a bit anxious.

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Wed 12-Apr-17 19:11:42

Hi, this is what I had:
Medical questionnaire
Blood pressure, urine test, listen to baby's heartbeat
Blood tests
Consent process
- I met an obstetrics registrar and an anaesthetic registrar

They gave me instructions on where to go and time etc and also have ranitidine tablets: one for the night before and one for the day of the ELCS. The also gave me compression stockings.

I think that is everything. mostly the staff had a ton of paperwork to complete.

I was actually beginning labour that morning but didn't know how quickly it would progress. I ended up going in later that night for a sort of emergency CS but it was all very professional and relatively calm. I was also ready anxious about having an ELCS but I was pleasantly surprised.
Best of luck!

mimiholls Wed 12-Apr-17 19:54:28

All it was for me was a group information meeting telling you about what till happen on the day, timings etc. All of which I knew already as the midwife had previously given me info. We also got prescriptions for the drugs you need before/after op and picked those up from the pharmacy. You may go through consent form and do blood tests or that may be done at a separate appointment. My section was great, all very positive.

fizzingwhizbee Thu 13-Apr-17 20:30:15

Thank you both. Had my pre-op today and all went well.

Saw a midwife, had bloods taken and then saw anaesthetist. She did mention that because I have had some swallowing/speech issues in the past because of a neurological condition I may have to be put under GA instead of having a spinal block.

It makes me a bit nervous as I wouldn't be awake when the baby is delivered. And it would mean my husband won't be able to come in with me.

If anyone has experience of being out under for a CS, I would really love to hear it

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