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Bristol maternity hospitals

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Rainbowsandbuttercups Sun 09-Apr-17 06:45:41

First time pregnancy and the midwife has asked me to think if whether I'd like to go to Southmead hospital or st Michael's hospital. Can i hear your experiences of either??

HorraceTheOtter Sun 09-Apr-17 07:01:46

I had both of mine and st mikes. One in the delivery unit, one in the midwife led bit. The staff were lovely, but the ward after... well, I had a 6 hour discharge with my first and a 3 hours one with my second. It was like hell on earth; boiling, really loud, frazzled staff. The actual deliveries were amazing though and the staff wonderful. I had someone with me ( 2 in fact for most of it, student and fully trained midwife) the entire time. The midwife led centre was lovely, like a slightly odd, wipe clean, sitting room.

peukpokicuzo Sun 09-Apr-17 07:04:48

I've experienced both albeit many years ago. I wouldn't fault either in terms of kind and competent staff, clean surroundings and generally excellent care.

Southmead has a slight benefit if you might be in for a few days as it is all low-rise buildings with grass and trees nearby so if you get desperate for a breath of fresh air that can be more easily arranged.

St Michaels would be my choice if there was any likelihood of complications as its position right by university and status as a teaching hospital as well as being part of the same umbrella organisation as the children's hospital would give me confidence that the very forefront of current medical knowledge and research breakthroughs were right there. (Not that I have any evidence that southmead would be deficient there)

If neither of the above are really particularly significant issues for you then just go for whichever is most convenient for you and the family and friends most likely to visit to be able to get to.

lindauk5 Sun 09-Apr-17 07:05:22

I has my little girl at Southmead and was in for a few days as I had the slowest induction ever. All the staff were brilliant and I would choose to go to Suthmead as again in a heart. I originally wanted to go to Cotham but couldn't as I was induced. They are a lovely midwife led unit.

HorraceTheOtter Sun 09-Apr-17 07:12:13

Oh, mine were 3 and 5 years ago by the way. Despite what I say about the postnatal ward, if I have another it will be there again. For my second, southmead woutdoor probably have been easier, but I chose st Michaels because of my first birth.

Rainbowsandbuttercups Sun 09-Apr-17 07:18:39

Lindauk can you go to Cotham for first pregnancies?

Also thank you for your comments. My family have always been to St Michael's to give birth but I did wonder if there was much difference.

Heartburn247 Mon 10-Apr-17 09:24:55

I had my first child at Southmead. Planned Section-fine.
The ward was another story, the midwives were very uncaring, unsupportive. This was 2014.
I am expecting again and have chosen St Michaels based on a lot of good feedback from other Mums.

lockie1983 Mon 10-Apr-17 15:45:56

I had my first child as Cossham in 2013. I was very low-risk, the labour & birth were luckily very straightforward, which led to it being an all round lovely experience. Just bear in mind pain relief is limited as are medical interventions so there is a chance of needing to be transferred by ambulance if intervention was needed.

Really quiet when I was birthing - I was actually the only one there so had all of the midwives in with me (think it was 4) and felt really well looked after.

We lived on the doorstep of Cossham so just made sense to go there rather than tackle possible rush-hour traffic to either of the other two! I was happy to take my chances and assume ambulance would get me to hospital quickly if we needed it.

Notsure1234 Fri 14-Apr-17 22:41:45

I had my first in St Michaels 17 months ago and I'll be going there again for dc2 due in September.

I had a few complications in pregnancy which meant I was induced. The only negative part of my care pre/during labour was a student midwife being dismissive of my vomiting fear and making me cry. Otherwise my care was amazing. Like a pp I felt comfort from the fact it was so close to the children's hospital etc.

I didn't find the antenatal ward too bad. I was lucky I was only transferred to the ward at 10am so dh could stay with me until 9pm. I recovered well and although we had to stay in for a few days I coped. Pain relief/midwives were there when requested etc. The things that annoyed me were cleaning and catering staff slagging off other staff members inc midwives in the cafeteria during mealtimes, having loud conversations about their opinions on dummy use etc, another patients son running wild during the day. I guess your experience can vary wildly based on lots of factors like how considerate other patients are, what time you get on the ward, how much pain you're in etc.

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