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Hospitals near Aylesbury for labour

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adorkableme Sat 08-Apr-17 21:11:33

Had a horrible experience at Stoke Mandeville under consultant care, apprehensive over going back for my 2nd. I was coerced into an induction, it failed, OH & I were treated rudely & ended in an emer c-sec. Found out after having a debrief I didn't need to be induced in the first place. I'm hoping to be under midwife care since they were very nice during my visits & postnatal before I was placed in cons care. If that is not an option this time around I want to be able to go to another hospital. I'm hoping for a vbac because a c-sec was the last thing I ever wanted and I reiterated this constantly in my last preg, & with a 2yo & no family around it would make things difficult. Does anyone have any positive vbac experiences in a hospital near Aylesbury after a failed induction?

SockQueen Sat 08-Apr-17 23:17:18

Oxford would be the obvious place, IMO. As a VBAC I would expect you will need at least some consultant contact, but it doesn't have to be loads.

I delivered at MK, which is not too far from Aylesbury, and it was fine, but don't know what they're like for VBACs.

SockQueen Sat 08-Apr-17 23:20:34

Should add, however, that there are no guarantees that wherever you go that you might not need a second C-section, no matter how much you don't want one. But hopefully you can find somewhere you feel more comfortable!

adorkableme Sun 09-Apr-17 10:23:05

Thanks Sock Queen. I hope I do too. I still have pain from the last one so I'm hoping for a successful vbac. I 'm just hoping for people that will actually listen and not assume they know more about my body than I do or treat me as if I'm being difficult for asking questions and expecting straight answers about my care and not just stats. If there is an absolute necessity for a c-section I 'm okay with it. We just don't want to be in the position we were in last time.

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