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Feel pressured to induce.. Advice/personal stories?

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Notevenoverdue Wed 05-Apr-17 18:23:14

Currently 41+4, had an appointment for a sweep today which the midwife couldn't do as my cervix was too prosterior but she said its soft so 'things are happening' - but she didn't ask me how I felt about induction or anything, she phoned the hospital in front of me (without telling me what she was doing) and booked me in for an induction tomorrow??!! The first I heard of it was when she was already booking it on the phone sad

Anyone have induction stories which aren't terrifying? I'm so scared about it. Or anyone had experience with pushing induction day back a little bit? Trying not to freak out but I feel really anxious and pressured into the induction. I told the midwife this, and that I really didn't want to go on the oxytocin drip, she said 'well they'll decide tomorrow what's best to do' envy

My hospitals policy is induction at 41+5, I really want to avoid induction before I'm 42 weeks! I know it's only a couple of days different but I'm hoping I might go into labour naturally, or at least my body would be more ready.

It's my first baby so any advice/support would be really appreciated!! flowers

MooPointCowsOpinion Wed 05-Apr-17 18:30:41

I refused an induction with my second after an awful and unnessary induction with my first. They just called and said things like 'I'm sure our records are wrong as you are 42 weeks on Tuesday and you're not booked in?' I just laughed and said I'm not coming in. Every time.

Had DD2 at home at 41+5. She was huge! But I was in slow labour for a week and only had about 20 mins of discomfort in full blown labour, and I felt relaxed the whole time.

No one can induce you against your will. Just don't go.

owenjonesismyhero Wed 05-Apr-17 18:36:34

14 days after due date I was given the induction date as a fait accompli and I was determined not to have one. I wanted a home birth. Went to be monitored and then told them I was going home, not staying. Next day spent most of the day doing a hilly walk and waters broke that night.

You don't have to be induced but be prepared to go in to be monitored.

DD was huge too grin

RedCrab Wed 05-Apr-17 19:01:41

I think that's pretty trigger happy for an induction when - unless there's problems and you've had a healthy pregnancy - full term is considered up to 42 weeks.

I know you wanted positive induction stories but I was similar to you - 40+7, had sweep, everything closed up, MW just started booking in my induction for the next day with no discussion.

I just asked for her to at least wait until a couple of days before 42 weeks and suddenly I needed emergency scanning. That I hadn't needed five minutes before hmm I went the next morning and the sonogpraher said I had no waters. Obstritican examined me and said there was no other evidence but the registrar said basically - without talking to me or examining me - your baby is in danger, you have to agree with this emergency induction. I freaked out, agreed, was in hysterics that I was in the hospital for twelve hours before they started it - but as far as I was concerned it was an emergency? They were like - honey, this isn't an emergency, no one has told us this. Induction starts, it takes three days, really awful, ends in forceps.

It wasn't so much the physical aspect as the mental/ emotional stuff going on with it. Four years on, I still feel very tearful when I talk about it.

So now I'm 40+5 with DC3 (had an amazing home birth for DC2) and have had two sweeps and not doing anything until 42 weeks precisely. Not even having anymore sweeps because the anterior/posterior position of the cervix is meaningless because many women go into labour with a posterior cervix and through the labour, it becomes anterior.

If I were you - if it were me - with all signs being well with the baby (movement, heart rate etc) I would want to wait until 42 weeks. That's only a few more days for you but might make all the difference.

Sorry I know you wanted positive - and I know tons of women have really positive inductions and it might help you to read positive stories. But equally you do not have to after tomorrow - you could agree to a few days from now if that's what you would prefer.

RedCrab Wed 05-Apr-17 19:02:38

Sorry I wrote trigger happy reading 40+4 not 41+4! Obviously that's pretty close to 42 weeks.

But the rest of my post stands smile

TheWiseOldElf Wed 05-Apr-17 19:09:14

I was induced at 41 weeks with DD2 having had emcs for DD1. My dates had been changed at dating scan so I was pretty sure that I wasn't even 40 weeks but I was fed up and wanted her out!

I did have to have an oxytocin drip to get things moving but it was fine and she was born about 6 hours after the drip started.

MotherofPearl Wed 05-Apr-17 19:22:32

I was induced for DC3 but went into labour naturally with my other two. I had one pessary for the induction, and an extremely quick labour (less than 2 hours) with no drip required. But I think it was so fast and uneventful because she was my third. Not sure I'd be that keen for a first baby; I think one intervention usually leads to more, which is fine if medically necessary, but that doesn't sound like the case here. If you're not happy then as PP have said, just don't go in. They can't make you. Good luck OP.

Notevenoverdue Wed 05-Apr-17 19:56:53

Thank you all for sharing flowerscake

So I called the maternal assessment centre and told them I wasn't sure I wanted induction yet. They instead booked me in for an appointment with a consultant tomorrow midday smile and they will be doing a scan tomorrow too.

MooPoint & Owenjones - I really hope that happens to me tomorrow! grin all the staff seem so surprised I'm not rushing in to be induced! Feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever but the next couple of days will make all the difference (hopefully)

Red crab - that sounds awful sad and really unfair that you felt that way. I'm dreading the same happening to me - the midwife today already seemed really frantic and over the top - felt like I needed to tell her to calm down a bit, left me feeling really anxious all day when I've spend the rest of the week relaxing!

Wiseoldelf- how did you find the drip, was it really intense? The thought of ending up on the drip really fills me with dread sad

Motherofpearl- I'm hoping if I don't go into labour naturally by 42 weeks just the pessary will do the trick..

They also changed my due date and made it 5 days earlier than the one I had based on my last period so this all feels so rushed sad

Zumbumba Wed 05-Apr-17 20:24:02

Hi OP, exciting times!

Just to share FWIW, I was started on induction without proper information. Had a propess which didn't work, then another one 24hrs later. My waters then broke and I was sent up to the birthing unit a few hours later, expecting to be able to pursue a more natural birth.

Instead I was told to get into a gown and onto the drip. I asked to delay it but they said that 95-97% of first time mothers being induced would end up on the the drip and I was only delaying the inevitable. Was a bit of a surprise.

I'm sure it's different for all women but the pain on the drip wasn't too bad, I was managing with gas and air. I had an excellent no-nonsense midwife - after about 6hrs on the drip she offered an epidural and just said you've made it this far but you've got a lot of hours to go, take the epidural. It was excellent advice. I was so exhausted and even though I'd hoped to give birth without drugs, induction is such a long process (and the risks of ending up in theatre are higher) it was a sensible move. DD was born in theatre12 hrs later thanks to some handy forceps (after ventouse failed twice).

You will absolutely fine, my best advice is to get someone to explain exactly what your options are at each step.

Also, you are allowed to eat non fizzy haribo and lucozade on the drip, I recommend having some on hand if this is the route you go down.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery!

RedCrab Thu 06-Apr-17 07:25:22

I reckon you're doing the right thing to just slow things down a bit. It doesn't need to hurtle towards induction like this. The midwife panicked with me too, I think. And also remember that consultants tend to operate on a higher level of things that can go wrong because they tend to only see emergencies or things that are wrong. Do your research - it's always generally good to be able to make informed decisions anyway smile

Do you have a breast pump? An hour or so can apparently produce oxcytocin to help labour along so might be worth a try. Good luck 👍🏻

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