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Remifentanil pain relief

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jadeyty Sat 01-Apr-17 13:39:09

Was wondering if anyone could give their experiences of using remi for pain relief during labour. At my prenatal class they said it was coming very popular as it is fast acting and wears off quickly. If you stop using it, do you quickly become 'normal' as in not sleepy/out of it. I want to feel in control and remember my labour rather than it being a blur, especially after the baby is out.

Blackfellpony Sat 01-Apr-17 19:44:01

I prefered not to remember my labour to be honest grin

MerlinsBeard87 Wed 05-Apr-17 16:42:01

There was a similar post a few months back and most people seemed to rate it. I personally didn't because I was so exhausted by that point I couldn't operate it properly. you need to press it as soon as a contraction is building for it to work, but it spaced me out and made me fall asleep so I wouldn't press it for the next one and woke up with a nasty shock. To be fair it was pretty good at taking away the pain and it is supposed to leave the body quickly. But I would have preferred epidural for more reliable long term pain relief

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