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Pain relief..

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Hollz26 Fri 10-Mar-17 08:08:45

Im 36 weeks and just thinking abput labpur alot lately with my first i had an epidural and was so glad i did as i had awful back labour ive put on my birth plan that i want same again this time but i know its not always available and if im too far dilatedni wont be able to so i said if not i want remifentanal but if i also cant have that what else is there? I dont want pethadine as ive not heard great things about it, so im guessin it would be just gas and air? Im so anxious this time guess its cos i know whats coming!!

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QueenInsomnia Fri 10-Mar-17 15:13:19

Bumping for you as I'm also thinking about pain relief..
We originally had a c section planned for my previous pregnancy, for medical reasons, however everything progressed so quickly that it ended up being a natural birth. I tried gas and air, and it made me feel sick so I stopped using it. The pain was so unbearable, that I can't even remember the labour at all - I kind of just zoned out! I'd love to be more prepared this time round, and hear some first hand experience of pain relief!

Luckystar1 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:18:10

With my first labour I used a Tena machine then has a water birth, no pain relief aside from 2 paracetamol.

My second labour I used no pain relief aside from the water birth.

It will be fine, try not to worry too much (although like you I was very anxious before the 2nd birth too!)

AreWeThereYet000 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:09:22

My first I had pethedine as well as gas and air, what bad things have you heard about pethedine? In my experience it made me really sleepy and it took the edge of the contractions enough to actually get some sleep (which was really good as I had a 4 day labour) I used the gas and air before I had it... once it wore off before another shot was given and to deliver.

My 2nd I had gas and air and used the birth pool and didn't need anything else apart from that.

Good luck with the birth! X

WantToGoingTo Sat 11-Mar-17 20:44:23

I used water birth and gas and air. I had a horrible back to back labour with 3hours of non-pushing with urge to push. And a horrific tear resulting in remedial operation.

Water - honestly it really does help with pain. The warmth really helps with crowning sting, and being able to float helps relax between contractions and helps with back pain.

Gas and air - don't know if you tried it before your epidural? This and yoga breathing which I practised throughout my pregnancy got me through. Doesn't get rid of the pain but I found using my yoga breathing with the gas and air helped me feel in control and gave me some focus.

Don't have experience with other pain relief but I would opt for the same again smile

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