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Cupcakemumma123 Thu 09-Mar-17 18:03:56

So I'm 40+1 with baby 2 and even though I've been trying not to focus too hard on the 'due date', now that it's behind me, I feel like I'm so so ready to meet my little bean!
Any little twinge or pain I feel an element of excitement! But they are few and far between! No braxton hicks I don't really think, no real 'signs!'
So uncomfortable, tired and can't bare the thought of potentially another 2 weeks before I meet little one!
I'm scouring the net every night for some miracle way to induce at home and people success stories! Living in hope!
So who else is in my boat?! Bit of moral?! Want a whinge with people who can understand completely?!

tractorgirl123 Thu 09-Mar-17 21:13:11

Have they offered you a sweep? I was 2 weeks late with my first (had sweep on Friday she was born Monday) and 1 week late with second (had sweep at 10 in morning and had baby at 10.40pm that night, once it started second time round there was no hanging about was all a bit quick!)
Were you on time first time round?

One thing I learnt both times was that the baby will come out when it's ready, despite anything you try and do to encourage it! First time round I tried everything once they started threatening to induce me, curry, pineapple, clarisage, star jumps!.....
Good luck, I hope you get to meet little one soon, just enjoy the peace and get some rest when you can until then!

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