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First period after birth...

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BettyOBarley Mon 06-Mar-17 20:59:35

Did anyone else's last for a very long time?

Mine started at the end of January....and still going. It was very very heavy for a month or so, then stopped for 4 days and now back fairly heavy again confused

Getting a bit fed up of it now, it's worse than straight after birth! It definitely wasn't like this after DC1.

HopeAndJoy16 Wed 08-Mar-17 09:06:57

You can bleed for up to 8 weeks. Are there any signs of infection? If the loss is smelly, your abdomen is tender, or if you've got a temp or rigors then you need to see the GP!

BettyOBarley Wed 08-Mar-17 15:49:17

Thanks. No, no sign of infection. Just a heavy period for the last 6/7 weeks.
Just to clarify, my DS is 5 months old so this is my first period not the lochia immediately after birth. It's actually a lot worse than that was confused

DearTeddyRobinson Wed 08-Mar-17 16:06:51

Oh dear that doesn't sound right. Mine was heavy but over in a week. I would try to get to the GP if I were you.

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