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My 10 weeks Lara is "DEAD!".. Help me understand "WHY!!!"

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sarahallakrodriguez Thu 02-Mar-17 23:36:23

Hello,This is Sara. My baby Lara passed away on January, 27th, 2017.
I had a difficult pregnancy starting with Braxton hicks. When I went to the hospital,they said "normal". I went again because the baby was not moving. They said "Baby is ok".
I had gestational diabetes and was on diet control. Then I had high blood pressure. Inspite of taking my tables, it kept going up. I was sent to the triage many times and all they did is monitoring the baby's heart beat and saying "It was ok" then discharging me.
My midwife said that I had to give birth because I had" PRE ECLAMPSIA" .I went and they were about to discharge me. I told them my head is about to explode so they decided to keep me in the hospital. My blood pressure kept going up finally they decided to give me the 1st induction. That was November the 3rd, 2016 at 00:30. The doctor said that I might end up having brain bleeding. I asked him that I don't mind a C section.They kept monitoring the baby heart beats. Time passed and I was only 1CM open. After about 16 hours, the doctor examined me and I felt him touching the baby's head. I saw blood so I called the nurse. They said that I need another induction and asked me if I want the epidural. I agreed as I started to feel exhausted. The nurse started jumping from one screen to another. She assured that everything was under control. I asked another doctor why don't you do a C section as I did not want to take any risk. He did not reply. They started rolling me from one side to another on the bed. They said that the code is around the baby's neck.
Suddenly, a group of doctors and nurses rushed into the room. They were everywhere. I asked the nurse" How is the baby?". She said, " Her heart beats dipped. They were about 60 hb but don't worry.. things are under control!" I asked again," Why don't you go for the C section?".
I heard someone saying outside " She is a regular!" Another voice yelled," She is not!"
At last they took me to the C section. They baby did not cry and I thought that she was dead. Then they brought her over, I looked at her but I was too weak to hold her as I bled heavily. They stitched me and took Lara to the special care. They brought her to my room after 48 hours. They said that she is "OK" But she has a lack of Sodium.
After about a week, I was discharged and I asked every single nurse. "IS THE BABY OK?" They all said" YES". She was "2.150"grams.
My baby Lara never cried loudly. She had a loud breathing. She was tiny and slow in feeding. She was always asleep. I told the midwife , health visitor and the pediatrician about that. They all said "She is TINY...she is "F*&%$@ OK!!!!!"
NOW ... SHE IS DEAD!!!! OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOW come that nobody noticed that she was NOT OK!!!!!

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