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Pushing toddler in buggy after C Section?

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Whatapickle78 Thu 02-Mar-17 19:07:59

Hello - just wondering if you could tell me how long after your C- Sections you were able to:

- push double buggy or solo toddler (newborn in sling)
- lift toddler in and out of cot/bath

I've a 24 month old and a week old newborn, my DH goes back to work next week and I'm trying to think of new tricks (e.g. light steps next to cot got DD1 to climb in and out) but the buggy pushing has me worried - when is it possible??


DorotheaHomeAlone Thu 02-Mar-17 19:09:57

From about 3 weeks I think. I still avoided lifting if DH was home but was all pretty healed by then.

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