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Not hopeful for a successful induction - when would you request a planned cs to avoid an emcs

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Floozie66 Wed 01-Mar-17 15:28:56

Currently in hospital 1st pessary not doing anything . Awaiting 2nd pessary . Following the drip - have heard that a lot of women opt for epidural with drip due to painful contractions - baby also back to back have previously had two op babies and back labour only which in 2nd baby relentless pain and had the epidural which ended up ventouse / almost emcs. Am keen to avoid going through all this and end up having an emcs - would much prefer to consider planned cs if nothing is progressing - and avoid the drip - previously have been 40 + 14 and 40 + 11 . Am age 46 which is why i am being induced at 40 weeks . Any advice from mums who have been through failed / long drawn out inductions or midwives?

Grandmasterglitch Wed 01-Mar-17 15:51:45

Not sure if this will be helpful but I went in to be induced on a Monday morning. I has pessaries etc and by Wednesday morning absolutely nothing had happened. My anxiety was through the roof so I requested a c section which a number of midwives told me was a bad idea etc. I let them give me a drip and break my waters at lunchtime. By 4pm I had an epidural as the pain came out of nowhere! I gave birth to DS at 22:30 naturally without forceps etc. Glad I didn't get the c section as next day went home first thing and didn't need any recovery. Good luck with your birth.

needtoloseastone Wed 01-Mar-17 16:04:31

i also ended up on a drip with baby no 4, as pessary did nothing. I stupidly didn't take the epidural and wish I had. Literally 5 mins after the drip went in I was in agony baby was born an hour later but it was just too quick and I had no build up. Xx

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