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Periods : after BC & TTC

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OnNaturesCourse Sat 25-Feb-17 12:36:38

This may be TMI but looking for comfort. Im on my 2nd cycle post BC after stopping in Dec. My withdrawal bleeds on the pill where heavy and lasted 4 days, they soaked about 2 super tampons a day so about 20ml, 80ml per cycle. Since then im still on for 4 days but the period starts with a day of brown discharge that i used a liner for and dont measure, then a day of about 10ml loss followed by a heavy day of 20ml loss. After that i get darker blood that averages about 5ml per day. Im about 40ml loss per cycle which is super low for me. I was on the pill 11 years so dont have a clear memory of it, but i was a teen then so i wouldnt be able to compare much anyway. My main concern is my family are early starters and finishers, most periods start at 10-12years and end mid 30s-40s. Im late 20 so im worried. Ill see GP next cycle if its the same. Two cycle have been 32 and 28 days long. Any ideas?

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