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Induction - so anxious

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Sunisshining12 Tue 21-Feb-17 16:58:35

I'm a first timer, currently 40+5, no signs of labour approaching, no pains no braxton hicks no show/mucus zilch. Tried all the old wives takes curry, sex, walking etc.

Had my second sweep yesterday which hasn't resulted in anything. my notes say 'posterior cervix 1cm dilated, 1.5cm, -3 station'. I don't really know what this means? But the dr booked me in for induction at 41+1 (3 days time) so I guess it doesn't look favourable that labour wil start from my cervix?

I'm so so anxious as I really wanted a natural birth. Is this normal to be booked in at 41+1? I asked the midwife she said maybe that's the only day they have a bed! I've had a straight forward pregnancy.

Am I more likely to have a c section if induced :-(

I have a 30 day cycle & usually ovulate around day 19 so I'm worried about the dates too sad

Would you ask to postpone the induction? I'm so confused & anxious I rang the midwife and she just said still birth rate goes up.

Hoping for some advice please

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GummyGoddess Tue 21-Feb-17 18:44:55

I personally would postpone the induction. You could go to 42 weeks and then ask for it?

Why have they booked you in early? Is it literally just because a bed is there or do they have a reason to keep an eye on you?

Sunisshining12 Tue 21-Feb-17 19:23:09

I really don't know why, that was just the date given. I'll be 40 + 9. I asked the midwife she said the risk of still birth increases after this? I wonder if it's something to do with it being the weekend?!

I presume my stats don't sound too favourable..

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ChickenLicken22 Tue 21-Feb-17 19:32:56

I'm low risk (currently 6 days overdue) and I've had 2 previous children naturally but they are talking about induction at 40+12 so almost 42 weeks. If you are low risk maybe you could argue for this?

Induction makes things more painful (so i am told) but I don't think you are any more likely to have a section. I might be wrong though.

My second was induced and it meant that the contractions seemed to go from 0-60 v. quickly so not much time to adapt to contractions. I suppose this may upset some babies heart rate which could result in a section.

Stubborn babies are so annoying! I sympathise.

GummyGoddess Tue 21-Feb-17 19:38:05

Ask the midwife for the reasons, you can ask for monitoring instead or you can ask for time to research the reasons before you accept the offer of induction.

Lua Tue 21-Feb-17 19:43:55

Hi Sunshinning,

Try not to worry, I am sure it will all be fine one way or another, and the important thing is the healthy baby at the end. How you get there doesn't matter! But I tough I mentioned that that I was 41+6 when out of the blue I started having contractions. So you never know! Also,with the second I had to be induced at exactly 40 weeks due to GD. Cervix had no dilation whatsoever. The doctor did the induction and told me, see you in the theater! Ha! I never saw her again!

Good luck!

Sunisshining12 Tue 21-Feb-17 19:57:07

Thanks for the reassurance. I'm absolutely petrified of being induced because 1 i worry it will be an extremely slow process & 2 i worry it will end up in c section.

I asked the midwife she said it is the policy of some trusts that you only go 10 days over, others are 12 or 14.
She said it may well just be that is the next available 'slot'. I have to call up on the day to check there is a bed so there is obviously the chance it could be postponed until the next day!

If im induced does that mean I can't be on the midwife led suite?

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Sabsy1 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:12:36

I was induced at 41+1. It worked extremely quickly for me. Induction in my case, wasn't a bad thing. It was a very positive experience.

Sunisshining12 Tue 21-Feb-17 21:16:17

Thanks Sabsy, I just caved in called the hospital to ask the reason for induction. She said their policy is to book induction 9-11 days post term so that's the reason.

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DuggeeHugs Tue 21-Feb-17 22:35:07

Try not to worry too much about an induction ending in a CS. My induction was very slow and ended in a CS and, while I couldn't have imagined it beforehand, the CS was actually lovely and I have nothing but great memories of the actual birth.

I hope all goes well flowers

Bumpsadaisie Tue 21-Feb-17 23:18:15

If you're induced at 40+9 baby will be very nearly ready anyway. My second came spontaneously at 40+10, he was a quick natural labour, sore but fine.

My induction started at 40+0 exactly (due to low amniotic fluid). Didn't need a cx, although as DD had no thought whatsoever of moving out, it was a three day process. Thinking about it she is still incredibly ponderous now ... grin

I was very tired at the end and I opted for an epidural, because I found the pain too ... much. It is really weird, it didn't exactly hurt more than with my second DC (which was a natural labour) but not being able to get into "my" position was really hard. I had my second in a pool rocking back and forward on my knees, I had no plans to do this before, it was just what worked in the moment. With my first I was on my back and I just felt helpless and like I couldn't do it.

If you do have an induction, see if you can get as much freedom to move as you can.

Don't worry too much, nothing stalls labour more than fretting. Its normal with your first, but it will all be OK. The vast majority of babies are fine, and labours are OK. My induction wasn't exactly what I had planned (had planned pool at home) but it was fine and it didn't matter. Dd still arrived at the end of it, and she was lovely!

Maternity1 Tue 21-Feb-17 23:31:51

Different hospitals will have different policies about when they offer induction. When you're given a bed, can also depend on space on the ward and staffing. Induction doesn't have to be the scary process it's sometimes made out to be, just make sure that you know exactly what is going to happen and ask the midwives for information to reassure you. Like going into labour, induction can be unpredictable, so go in prepared for a bit of a wait in case things taken longer than you thought and remember to try and focus on the end result :-) Good Luck.

Happilymarried155 Wed 22-Feb-17 07:17:19

I was induced at 39+1 and it honestly isn't that bad. Had pessary at 10 o'clock, walked around the hospital all day, had dinner, went to sleep. I was then woken by pains at 2.30, baby delivered healthy and we'll at 4.15. Was at home the next day.

You can obviously refuse induction but just wanted to let you know if you do end up being induced try not to worry about it too much. Good luck!

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