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Private Birth at the lindo Wing St.Marys

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ASugarBabysMummy Thu 16-Feb-17 15:57:00

Hi me and my partner are planning to have a second child. After the traumatic first birth at an NHS hospital.
( induced 3 times, 2/1/2 days in labor. Every doctor and midwife i saw was a trainee who always seemed confused and unsure of what they were doing when checking on my baby. Bleeding rashes on my stomach from gel they put on, they refused to wipe off, when it was stinging. Failed epidural, doctor ran off and left me on my own with spinal fluid pouring out my back. Baby continuiously monitored and in distress for an hour before I was taken into theatre. She was in a strange position and they almost couldnt get her out using forceps and ventouse, had to have a very large episotomy (lots of stiches). She now has a life long condition caused by asphyxiation in the birth canal.)

After this I told my partner would never have enother baby. I love the idea of having another baby, and my daughter having a brother or sister to play with, but i couldnt go though enother traumatic birth. My partner really wants another baby and has said he would pay for a private birth.

I have looked at several private hospitals and decided I want to give birth at the lindo wing in St.Mary's Hospital.
I wanted to do all the antenatal care with the nhs, as i was happy with that in my first pregnancy. It is only the birth I wanted privately.

I know they have a price guide £5450 for natural birth and 24 hour stay or £6000 for an instrumental delivery (if needed) and £980 for an additional night (I would like 1 additional night)
I'm assuming there is a consultant fee on top, hopefully it will be less if I am just having the birth there not the antenatal care, but i'm not sure.

My partner has £10,000 saved for it so far, I was wondering if anyone has had a birth only, not the antenatal care there before and how much it cost? (how much more we need to save)

Also how was the care there? Both during labour and once the baby was born? After my first traumatic birth when we got out of the theatre my partner was told it was after visiting hours so he couldn't even enter the ward with me. I had, had local anesthetic and was unable to move at all until it wore off. I couldnt put a nappy or clothes on my daughter and they wouldnt allow my partner to stay and change her before they kicked him out. They said a midwife will come and do it. The midwife took an hour (of me calling out for someone to come and help) to come over and I was lying there paralysed & terrifed she would freeze with no nappy, clothes or blanket on. I'm hoping the midwives at the lindo wing come round regularly to check on you and help you look after the baby when you need help.

Bigbiscuits Thu 16-Feb-17 16:03:30

I don't think you can give birth there without the ante natal care.

So you'll need to book yourself in with one of the consultants. Their secretary should be able to help you with most of your questions.

I gave birth there. Aftercare is very good. It's like staying in a hotel.

BingThing Sat 18-Feb-17 08:10:07

Sorry i dont know anything about private births but just wanted say how horrendous your experience sounds and hope that next time is much safer and more positive for you and baby x x x

Ladybird1979 Sat 18-Feb-17 08:53:53

I'm sorry to hear about that awful experience. Don't give up on the NHS. I had a really really bad time with my first 36 hr labour. Got an infection. Failed epidural etc.

On falling pregnant this time I made my expectations very clear and highlighted my bad experience.

They couldn't have been more magnificent. I went to same hospital as before and it was a completely different experience.

That £10k - think of what that can do for your children.

Though I do have an idea of where you're coming from you have a good partner there, plan be direct and you'll be fine.

But ultimately it's you're choice. I just wanted to stress 2 births are never the same and think carefully.

Good luck for the future.

Disastronaut Sat 18-Feb-17 09:01:31

I had my DD at the Lindo in 2013, excellent care, would go there again. Your DH will be allowed to sleep in your room too. I think you have to have private antenatal care too though, you need to pick a consultant who works there.

SvartePetter Sat 18-Feb-17 09:03:27

I know someone who had an unexpected premature baby at the Portland. They had insurance but the bill was 40k. Can your economy handle that as a worst case?

Ilikedogs Sat 18-Feb-17 09:23:10

Just an idea (which you may have already considered)... but would you consider hiring a private midwife to do the antenatal and then be with you at the birth in an NHS hospital?
That way you have someone who has been with you for through the pregnancy and who has medical knowledge to be your advocate at the birth?

MuMuMuuuum Sat 18-Feb-17 10:32:26

Sorry you had such a hideous time.

I initially wanted to go private with DD. For Kensington Wing at CW with Mark Johnson I was quoted around £18,000 all in with hospital, consultancy fees, scans etc. I imagine Lido Wing would be in the same ball park.

In the end I gave birth at CW on the NHS side. I would highly recommend them the level of care during my difficult delivery was exceptional.

Trifleorbust Sat 18-Feb-17 10:33:11

My concern would be the unexpected costs, for example if you need a C-section, or your baby needs intensive care. Pregnancy and birth are unpredictable.

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