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Prodromal labour

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mum2be88 Sun 12-Feb-17 11:46:01

Has anyone experienced this?

I've had this on and off for over 3 weeks now.. I'm now 40+1.

Every evening the contractions start, usually about 5 minutes apart. They are uncomfortable and I have to breathe through them. This usually last from about 7pm to 11-12pm. Every night I am questioning if this is finally the real thing!

Anyone got any tips or past experiences before I lose the will to live? This is my first baby. I've been walking lots, up and down the stairs, bouncing on the ball..

Wonderflonium Mon 13-Feb-17 11:01:43

Yep! I had it from week 37 to week 42 (and ended up taking the induction
they offered at 42+0)

You have my sympathy, it's a fecking nightmare.

I had uncomfortable contractions that start to look regular and then taper off, getting stronger every evening. Plus, I'd have loose bowels or vomit and think "aha! here it comes!" and then nothing.

Bounced on the ball, did figure eight movements with my hips on the ball, pelvic tilts, all the moves that Spinning Babies recommended and near constant googling of "what causes prodromal labour????"

After I had the induction pills, the contractions got even stronger and more regular and I really thought it had started since they were every 3-5 minutes. Went into hospital and got sent back home at 1am. It wasn't until about 3am that the contractions got much more intense and I had my bloody show, and I could see why the midwives classed the first round of contractions as Braxton Hicks. (I mean, they weren't, they bloody hurt but the next level up was so much stronger, I think because of the induction)

In the end, I had a fast first phase of labour. When I went in the first time, I was maybe 1cm dilated and half effaced. The second time, 2 hours later, fully effaced and 1cm. I was fully dilated 4 hours later.

I think a prodromal labour makes this more likely, so gird your loins. The midwives kept expressing surprise at how fast it was progressing but I wasn't all that shocked. (Second phase was relatively long but I think that was something to do with the positions I could/couldn't get into with PGP)

mum2be88 Tue 14-Feb-17 15:44:27

Thanks for your reply!
Another restless night last night.. I have wanted to avoid induction the whole way through my pregnancy (baby is measuring big so it's been mentioned regularly) but I'm seriously considering it now!
I have read that it can mean a quicker labour in the end.. I'm trying to stay positive and take that as a silver lining 😉

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