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Induction for vbac? Confused......

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Nottalotta Thu 02-Feb-17 21:47:35

40wks today, previous elcs due to breech, 18 months ago.

Had sweep Tuesday at 39+5, cervix thinning and started at 1, finished at 2cm dilated, bit of a show later that day, lost a chunk of plug weds a.m.

Another sweep today, cervix further forward (I think?) less of a faff to reach it anyway. And a 'stretchy 2-3cm' Lost a large gloopy of plug soon after.

Booked in for elcs Monday but today was told I could go in Monday and have waters broken, followed by induction drip, if I wanted.

At my vbac appointment I am sure I was told I wouldn't be induced by syntocin (sp.....?) but the consultant today said no pessary would be given.

So....(sorry, long) has anyone been induced for vbac and which method? And how was it?

I'm thinking of having waters broken but straight to c section if nothing happens.

Theknittinggorilla Thu 02-Feb-17 21:54:11

Hi - in my attempted vbac they didn't want to do anything in terms of induction, not even break my waters. So after 80 hours early labour/contractions and a mere 2cm dilated I was straight to section.

I think each hospital has different guidelines but depends how set you are on vbac I guess and how far you want to push it. I found the whole thing so stressful as it seemed to be each professional I saw told me something different. Doesn't seem to be any consistent guidelines. I'm going straight to elcs no discussion this time.

Sorry that wasn't that helpful, but I know it's not easy trying to make these decisions. My elcs was fine, though I was tired after long labour. Don't be afraid to ask to go straight to section if that's what your gut tells you.

Nottalotta Thu 02-Feb-17 22:04:49

Thanks, yes it is bloody hard, hence ne getting to this stage with no firm plan. And bloody hell yes to hearing something different from each mw and consultant!

No labour signs yet but 2-3 cm today, so fingers crossed for something to kick off before Monday!

MrsNuckyThompson Thu 02-Feb-17 22:37:01

I've also been told that pessaries and drop out of the question due to risk of rupture of previous scar. They're talking about dilating me with a balloon...

Theknittinggorilla Thu 02-Feb-17 22:37:30

Good luck!

elliejjtiny Fri 03-Feb-17 00:07:28

I tried to have a vbac with DS5 and I was allowed to have the drip as they can turn it up and down to control the strength of the dose but no pessarys. It didn't work for me, which I should have known really as I've always laboured better with peace and quiet, moving around and no stress. It was never going to be like that with DS5 as I already had an infection and he was prem and with no waters so wasn't exactly a calm and relaxed situation. I was desperate for a vbac though.

2-3cm is really good, hope it all goes well for you.

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