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Low lying placenta at 36 weeks

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Hopeful83 Thu 26-Jan-17 13:33:21

Hi, I have been told at a scan yesterday that I have a low-lying placenta still. It is 15mm away from the cervix. I am already booked for a C section at 39+0 for other reasons, and am due to see the consultant next Thursday, when I will be 37+1. I had a big PPH (2.3L) with my last labour and this is why I am under consultant care. I am now panicking as I have done some research online and scared myself as I read lots about having a big risk of having a huge haemorrhage and possible hysterectomy, and I was already worried about bleeding anyway after my last labour. I know I need to see what the consultant says but can anyone offer any reassurance? Thanks

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macd77 Thu 26-Jan-17 14:15:16

Agh, in the same boat as you but also with suspected accreta as well. Having c section on Feb 7th at 36 weeks and completely terrified!! Hoping to get some reassurance from someone on here...

Hopeful83 Fri 27-Jan-17 14:23:24

Good luck with your section. What has your consultant said? Why do they suspect accreta as well? I read online about taking iron beforehand but I'm not yet as I haven't seen a Dr about it

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DesignedForLife Fri 27-Jan-17 14:40:33

I don't have any reassurance, I had undiagnosed placenta praevia and it wasn't a good experience as they tried to induce me for normal birth. However with a scheduled section you should be fine, it will be a routine procedure done calmly with everything in place should it be needed. A hysterectomy is very unlikely and not something that would be performed without serious need.

LuchiMangsho Sat 28-Jan-17 10:43:42

It will be fine. I had a Grade 4 Placenta Previa and premature labour and I didn't bleed all that much compared to my CS for Grade 1 PP. A lot of those who haemorrhage often do so because of undiagnosed PP. Yours sounds like a Grade 1 PP and you should really be fine.

LuchiMangsho Sat 28-Jan-17 10:45:15

Oh I had suspected accreta as well. And I had a chat with the surgeon and he said 'look we have to talk to you about hysterectomy risks etc but in 20 years of operating on women with complex placentas I have had to do 5 hysterectomies and 3 of those were cases were the accreta was undiagnosed.'

123bananas Sat 28-Jan-17 11:17:58

It is highly unlikely that with grade 1 praevia that you will have a pph that requires a hysterectomy. It is good that you have read about possible scenarios, but try to stay positive, it is really rare (around 0.5% of all caesarian cases according to one study, 38% of those had accreta with most of those having had prior uterine surgery of some kind, 34% of those for uterine atony (uterus not contracting back, more common in women who have had multiple children)).

I had grade 4 placenta praevia with percreta (worst case accreta) into my bladder. This was because I had two previous c sections and the placenta grew through the thinner scar tissue. I had dc3 at 34 weeks, he was fine and didn't need scbu and breastfed fine. I did have a hysterectomy and a 7 litre blood loss, but I am still here with my children which is the important thing. No lasting bladder damage. I was in hdu but not itu and home after 6 days.

A lady in hospital with me had accreta and 2 previous c sections and did not have a hysterectomy. She had balloon occlusion and pelvic arterial embolization.

Another lady with grade 4 praevia and no accreta had a pph, but no hysterectomy/arterial embolization. She breastfed her 34 week old and was home 3 days later.

If you are at risk of a major pph then making sure your iron levels are up is crucial before delivery. Your consultant should make arrangements for a delivery at a level 3 facility with a whole team of people there to look after you.

123bananas Sat 28-Jan-17 11:20:02

Study I quoted from.

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