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green wee.....????

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kelssnorris98 Thu 19-Jan-17 01:07:03

Im 38 weeks pregnant and I have green urine I have googled loads some is saying it could be a infection some say its dehydration and could be the vitamins I take. The only vitamin I take is the multi ones that the midwife gave me and I've took them all though my pregnancy and have never had this, I got midwife tomorrow just don't want to sleep stressing out, I know my babys fine as hes been kicking me, can anyone help me?!confused

LemonyFresh Thu 19-Jan-17 05:58:20

Call your maternity ward straight away

SmallBee Thu 19-Jan-17 06:02:23

Hopefully you've taken lemony's advice but if not, call your maternity ward now please.

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