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What are the medical risks of having lots of adhesions to future pregnancies/caesarean birth?

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Otterspotter Wed 18-Jan-17 20:08:13

Not sure if this is the best place to post...

The birth of my dc1 was a typical failed induction leading to emcs story, however the cs was complicated by the fact that I ended up with an extension to the wound because he was 11lbs and they couldn't get him out (!) and I was quite poorly afterwards, really slow recovery etc (don't know if this is directly relevant)

I was advised to have an elcs for dc2 (top London teaching hospital) and from my perspective the procedure was very straightforward though it did take quite a long time to see me back up after dc2 had been born.

Directly after the procedure I was asked if I had any questions and I asked the consultant who performed the cs 'will be able to have more children?' Her answer was 'That was not a straightforward procedure, you were very 'stuck' in there...' (by which I now realise she meant I had lots of adhesions) ''s not a 'no' but you would have to weigh up the risks'

I would dearly like to have a dc3. What are the risks that I have to weigh up?

hopsalong Wed 18-Jan-17 22:21:31

Bumping. Would love to know the answer to this, even though I haven't yet given birth to DC2! I also have adhesions from DC1 and am trying to work out whether to go for a VBAC (in hope of avoiding more adhesions) or whether to stick with a c-section (worried about uterine rupture risk given that baby seems likely to be over 4kg). Don't even know if I will try for DC3, but would be great to hear from other people's experiences with multiple sections and large babies.

conkerpods Thu 19-Jan-17 09:48:34

Hopsalong I tried for a Vbac and they knew my baby would be over 4kg. Different consultants have different opinions I guess.
OP,I do have complications from my C sections. And I have been told I can't have any more pregnancies. My bladder has fused to my uterus and I get bleeding between periods due to a niche (pocket) where blood collects. Just had a coil fitted so that should stop all bleeding.
It sounds like you need to have an appointment with a specialist to talk through your options?

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