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Hospital bag - help!

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radderss Wed 18-Jan-17 05:26:56

There is so much information on the internet about what to take in a hospital bag .... can anybody give me a comprehensive list/advice on what to pack and how to pack it please??

We are planning a homebirth but obviously need to pack a bag just in case.
I'm 35+5 so need to start getting it sorted.

It's 5.25am - I've been awake since 2.30am and this is currently what I'm trying to suss out.

HumpHumpWhale Wed 18-Jan-17 05:59:13

Nappies (I took size 0 and 1 for DD and shouldn't have bothered with the 0); two or three vests for baby; two or three babygros; a hat; wipes or cotton wool to use with water for changing. Outfit for going home in if you care about that. I did a baby group and a blanket over the carseat, though.
For you; nursing bra if planning to bf; comfy pjs (2 pairs in case you, say, get blood/milk/baby vomit all over one); something to wear home (jersey wrap dress and maternity leggings is a good option in case you end up with a c-section, I'm told); stuff to shower; moisturiser - you'll be sooo dry between the heat and the breastfeeding; phone charger so you can take and send 19 million photos. Cereal bars in case you miss meals or deliver late at night. Big sanitary pads - I liked the super drug really really cheap overnight ones. Thick and squashy, like a little cushion in your knickers. Lanolin for nipples. Breast pads - I'm a prolific leaker.
I had a water birth and was told by a midwife to bring straws and lucozade type drinks so my partner could hold a drink for me while I laboured and it was SUCH a good tip. Oooh, lip balm. Gas and air really dries your lips, as does the heat. (Maternity wards are sooo hot, for the newborns)
If you end up in for more than a night or two, you'll need more stuff, but someone can bring it to you.
DD went through approx 12 nappies in the 18 hours between being born and being taken home so bring LOTS. So much meconium. I definitely ran out with DS.
I can't think of anything else.
For breastfeeding, I like to wear a breastfeeding bra, a vest with stretchy straps I can pull down to expose the boob, a loose top I can pull up and a cardigan if it's cold. That way you don't expose a lot of skin to the cold air/eyes of passers-by. It wasn't my boobs I wanted to hide at first as much as my tummy!

HumpHumpWhale Wed 18-Jan-17 06:00:43

Oh, cardigan for baby, too.
And obviously, that was meant to say babygro, not baby group!

GwendolynMary Wed 18-Jan-17 06:07:33

Clothes for the baby to come home in. Stretchy sleeping wraps or muslins, if you have them. Hospital blankets were the best though, so I didn't really use them much.

Clothes for you - soft stretchy clothes were best IME. Yoga pants, breastfeeding singlets, comfy zip-up hoodies - all easy access for breastfeeding. Lots of granny knickers, in black!

We had to supply our own maternity pads - one 20 pack was enough for my 4day stay.

We also had to supply disposable nappies and wet wipes. The hospital only had terry flats, which soaked baby's clothes too easily for me, post CS. I couldn't be arsed dealing with that every hour!

Toiletries for you, plus baby wash of your choice if you wish to go that way. We packed a small bottle of olive oil for baby skin, as they were quite flaky first up.

DH was able to duck out and grab me things I forgot. And coffee, sushi and soft cheeses. wink Good luck!

NapQueen Wed 18-Jan-17 06:20:25

Pack of newborn nappies (plus two packs at home spares)
Two packs of wipes (though I also took cotton wool for dc1)
Nappy sacks
Three small square muslins
Four vests and four sleepsuit in newborn size
Same again in "up to 1 month" (next ones so cuffs fold over, no need for scratchmits)
Two Cardigan and two hats
Swaddling muslin
Thin "pram blanket"

For me I took a giant nightie (incase of catheter)
Thin pj's bottoms (dark)
Two vests
Zip up hoodie
Fluffy socks
Giant knickers
Pack maternity pads
Pack breastfeeding pads
Breastfeeding bra (First time)

I also chucked in the usual "going away" stuff - toiletries, charger, purse, brush, pen, snacks.

soundsystem Wed 18-Jan-17 06:37:41

I'm also planning a home birth, but have my bag packed just in case.

This is what I've got:

Three outfits for baby, each outfit packed in a freezer bag to make it easier to grab (so not fishing around for individual items of clothing). Each one has: vest, sleep suit, cardigan, hat, mittens


Water wipes

I think that's it for the baby!

Then for me:

Giant pants
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Lansinoh cream
Lip balm
Water bottle
Phone charger
Change for vending machine
Cereal bars
Hair bobbles
Dried fruit
Kindle and charger
Giant nightie
Pyjamas (button front for feeding)
Comfy clothes for going home in

We only live 10 mins from the hospital so travelling fairly light, on the assumption that if I need to stay in longer DH or one of our friends/neighbours can bring anything else I need

Yankeedoodledickhead Wed 18-Jan-17 06:52:19

Towels - the first thing you do after birth is a bath or shower usually.

A bin bag - stops anything wet/bloody/covered in sick being mixed in with clean stuff.

Flip flops - I usually take these instead of slippers because a) the floors not clean, b) the showers are usually rank so can be worn in there c) they are easy to slip on and off so no bending.

Take more knickers and pads than you think you'll need because nobody tells you about the blood loss or potential to leak everywhere.

A can of dry shampoo is always a must for me. It's too much like hard work, especially if you end up with a section, to wash and dry hair on the ward where other women just want peace and quiet.

radderss Wed 18-Jan-17 09:59:03

Thanks everybody - these are really useful!

PeachBellini123 Wed 18-Jan-17 18:05:37

Agree with knickers. I got cheap packs from Primark and binned them after use.

A great tip I got from here was to buy clear freezer bags then put stuff in there and label. Easy for your partner to grab stuff rather than rifling through your bag to find stuff.

marmitecheesetoast Wed 25-Jan-17 16:59:57

Ooh reading this thread with interest as starting to sort hospital bag is the next thing on my list!
I picked up some massive black granny pants from Asda last night!

Loving the tips had never thought of labelled freezer bags or a bin bag for dirty/wet clothes - great ideas!

radderss Wed 25-Jan-17 19:43:55

Trying to find black pyjamas/night shirts/robe is so difficult when you want black specific!
I've just got two nightshirts (not black) and I need to get a robe

Labelled the bags up as suggested - such a good idea!

marmitecheesetoast Wed 25-Jan-17 19:46:14

Radderss I found a black nursing nightie and dressing gown set in Mothercare last night in the sale for £13.50!! Bargain! Might be worth having a root around your local Mothercare if you haven't already? They seemed to have more sale stuff in store than online.

radderss Wed 25-Jan-17 21:05:06

Oh wow that's great. I've just looked online and they have one but it's £30!

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