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Posterior cervix in labour???

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Lovemylittlebear Mon 16-Jan-17 03:21:02

Just wondering if any Midwifes can explain or anyone been through anything similar.

With my son I had been having regular strong contractions for a few hours and when in hospital told that my cervix was high and posterior. The midwife said it was strange as clearly in labour and sent me for a walk. An hour later it was four centimetres and son born four hours after this. From what I googled it's not supposed to be posterior in labour and am interested to get my head around this before I have next baby in around ten weeks time just in case I have same again


annlee3817 Mon 16-Jan-17 07:40:35

Mine was slightly posterior and I was 5cm, I wasn't told that it was unusual. Midwife just said it was posterior and baby needed to come down a little more, then she pottered off to run the pool for me. I was ready to push 90 mins later smile

Lovemylittlebear Tue 17-Jan-17 02:55:08

Ah ok that makes me feel better smile

When I was checked I was made to feel a bit like I shouldn't really be in labour with a high posterior cervix but midwife was nice and believed I was so it was fine. Guess will just have to see what this time brings x

annlee3817 Tue 17-Jan-17 07:28:10

Hope all goes well for you smile x

Liznlily Mon 23-Jan-17 21:45:09


I'm a midwife. High and posterior is not a problem in earlier labour smile As the baby's head comes down further it sorts itself out! Would be easier for me to explain with a diagram (which I do in antenatal classes!). But just wanted to reassure you it's not abnormal and will have no bearing on this delivery smile

Liz x

Lovemylittlebear Tue 24-Jan-17 07:46:13

Oh that's great thank you smile

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