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Any recent experience of giving birth at the Whittington?

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Kgoodes Thu 12-Jan-17 21:25:48

Hi everyone,

I am now 34+3 FTM and am now panicking about the birth! I have booked to go into the birth centre at the Whittington but am nervous about what it will be like? I have read horror stories of the labour and postnatal wards!

Can someone with recent experience of giving birth at the Whittington share their experience please?

Also, how did you go to the hospital? Taxi? Drive? It seems like you can't really park at the Whittington but any tips appreciated!


noveltysocks Sat 21-Jan-17 22:40:28

Hi Kgoodes, I've not posted much here but I just happened to be randomly browsing in a quiet moment now our baby has arrived!

This might be of some help … I'm actually a bloke, but my girlfriend and I had our baby at the Whittington right before Christmas. She had an elective c-section, after it was strongly recommended by our consultant, so we didn't see the birth centre or labour facilities.

However, overall we had a very positive experience. The team that did the c-section were friendly and professional, very accommodating to our preferences and very considerate.

We were then moved to Cellier Ward (post-natal ward) where you might end up once your baby has been delivered. Honestly, the surroundings aren't the best: you'll likely be in a cramped cubicle and it's quite noisy. But you get used to that pretty quickly.

The most important thing was that all the doctors, midwives and other staff there were great. Supportive, reassuring and non-judgemental when we needed them, but also happy to leave us a alone when that was what we wanted.

The food was decent (way better than our previous experiences of hospital food) and the staff were all great with me as well — I spent two nights sleeping there while my girlfriend recovered.

Take everything you might need: nappies, formula, a changing mat is useful (we just changed our baby in his cot using this), etc. And if your partner is staying over, they'll have an uncomfortable reclining chair to sleep in. It drives you mad after a couple of nights! Maybe a pillow would be helpful?

Do you live in either Haringey or Islington? If so, my tip for getting there would be to join the DriveNow car club - You can leave their cars in virtually any parking bay in Haringey or Islington, including most on-street parking near the hospital. This means you can drive down to the hospital, park nearby and then not worry about it.

Failing that, our plan was to call a black cab via the Hailo app. Apparently black cabs are better at taking people in labour than Uber! (There is also a small visitors' parking area at the Whittington, but it only seems to be available overnight.)

Phew, what an essay. Finally, good luck. We had a good experience at the Whittington – I think you'll be fine!

Kgoodes Sun 22-Jan-17 17:02:40

Thank you so much for the tips noveltysocks and congratulations on the new arrival! It's really reassuring to hear that you had a good experience at the Whittington! Hope you are enjoying your new baby x

Umblubblub Sun 22-Jan-17 17:14:02

Not that recent, but I had my DS at the Whittington 5 years ago. I was in the birth centre initially and it was fantastic. The room was massive with a private bathroom, double bed and lots of equipment to use in labour, including a birthing pool. I was lucky enough to have the MW I'd seen throughout my pregnancy looking after me fit the latter part of my labour.
I was transferred to the delivery suite upstairs as I wasn't progressing. The room up there was spotlessly clean and again massive. I can't fault the care in labour at all, it was excellent. I was well informed and they respected my choices.
The postnatal ward was a pretty awful experience. It was very short-staffed and no one came when you rang the buzzer ( I'd had an epidural so couldn't get to my baby when he cried) but it was the week before Christmas so that might explain partially why there were no staff. It's hopefully better now.
We went in a taxi as we were living just over the hill in Crouch End at the time.
I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my second and I have to say the antenatal care I'm getting this time falls well below that I got at the Whittington.

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