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Latent phase... how long???!

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Tinyhumanjan17 Sun 08-Jan-17 14:55:19

Hi all just looking for a bit of advice on how long people's experiences of the latent phase are? I'm currently 40+1, have been having regular contractions since 4pm yesterday; got checked at labour ward earlier on and pains were every 5-6 minutes however cervix was 25% effaced but still closed (which if im correct means thinned by 25% right?)

She attempted a sweep whilst there to see if that helped and since then iv had very painful period pains and bum pressure however the other contractions have slowed down slightly although are still coming and going.

I have a consultant appt on tuesday, was supposed to be booking an induction for this week and im really worried now that since things seem to be starting on their own that theyre gonna just leave me be to go on my own but i dont think i can stand this till even tuesday never mind longer!

How long did everyones last and anyone got any tips on speeding things up? tried raspberry leaf tea; ball bouncing; sex; pineapple; baths; walking

Boomies Tue 10-Jan-17 21:45:58

Hi I hope you have a beautiful baby in your arms already. If not I just wanted to say I was in the latent phase (2 contractions in every 10mins lasting up to 90sec) for 30hrs before I went into hospital due to reduced movements, a couple of hours later they broke my waters which really ramped things up and baby was born a couple of hours later! Good luck!

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