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Did anyone struggle to conceive and now feel very grateful for the bouncing baby they have

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Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 22:23:22

I do my little boy is 9 weeks old,took over 2 years and 3 mcs to conceive,and i feel like shouting it from the rooftops how much i love my little boy,and how grateful and happy i feel to have him.I just thought it would be a nice thread to start to give the ttc hope...

Twinklemegan Wed 21-Feb-07 22:31:21

YES YES YES!!! It took us four years. I am thrilled to bits with my DS, and I love him more than I could every have imagined possible. He's nearly 7 months and I still find myself thinking that it must be one of those dreams and that I'll wake up. I sometimes have to go and see him when he's sleeping just to reassure myself he still exists. Does that sound really crazy?

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 21-Feb-07 22:33:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 22:33:33

no not at all i do it too lol all the time,and sometimes especially now he has started smiling and cooing im just in floods of tears.

Hulababy Wed 21-Feb-07 22:34:48

Yes, and I still do. Took me nearly 3 years to have DD, and she is now almost 5. I did try for #2 once but was unable and have since found out that there are medical reasons - so DD is almost a miracle anyway. Very grateful!

Twinklemegan Wed 21-Feb-07 22:35:10

This is a lovely thread btw Debbsyandson!

SherlockLGJ Wed 21-Feb-07 22:37:08

I waited 9 yes count 'em 9 years for DS, so yes he is a very precious child. Made all the more precious by the fact that my heart failed 3 days later and he became an unintentional only child.

SherlockLGJ Wed 21-Feb-07 22:37:50

BTW he is bouncing.............all over me at the age of 6.

Rumpel Wed 21-Feb-07 22:38:19

We were very lucky and conceived without knowing very quickly - sadly lost our first baby though. Managed to conceive again after a couple of months but I just wanted to say every day I realise how lucky we are as we really thought we would have problems conceiving as my DH was badly injured a few years ago. I also know lots of people who had major probs conceiving so I am eternally grateful for the joy she brings to our hearts.

Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 22:39:23

omg shelock really thats terrible.
Hello hula remember me we were on the ttc beanies threads together i was debwillgetherbeanie.

Twinklemegan Wed 21-Feb-07 22:39:40

OMG SherlockG - what a thing to go through! I think mine will end up being an only child too - I just don't think I can go through the whole ttc thing again, especially since I think the problems were down to me.

Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 22:42:00

i know what you mean rumpel i feel the same and have so much empathy now for people who are struggling to conceive as i can honestly it was the hardest 2 yrs of my life.

SherlockLGJ Wed 21-Feb-07 22:43:13


It is fine, it was until the last two or three years a relaxed time whilst trying.

DS being an only was how shall we say a challenge .........

Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 22:49:27

yes i think the relaxing helped me tbh i was obsessed with it affected alot of personal relationships even with my mum.I would cry if she asked me if i had my period then after a while if she didnt ask,i would still cry because i thought she was treating me with kid gloves tip toeing round me.It wasnt until i really had to give up that it happened as dh found me collapsed in a heap on the floor sobbing,as my period had arrived again and the 4th person at work had announced they were pg.

Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 22:51:16

Still feels v v fresh in my mind,but the day i found out i was pg was mothers

SherlockLGJ Wed 21-Feb-07 22:52:07

Ahem. I think we all remember the post.

Twinklemegan Wed 21-Feb-07 22:54:36

Oh gawd I know. That was the hardest thing for me I think. Two colleagues fell pregnant, plus my next door neighbour, next but one neighbour, best friend, cousins, etc. It never got any easier at all. Also my cycle was generally all over the place (I think this happened after a possible miscarriage?).

We were actually looking into adoption very seriously until my parents encouraged me to go back to the doctors (we'd moved to a new area) and try again as my original doctor had been pretty useless. I got sent for a scan for the first time which diagnosed PCOS and I was booked in at the fertility clinic when I fell pregnant. It was such a shock!

AitchTwoOh Wed 21-Feb-07 22:54:40

lovely thread idea. i had two ectopics and thought it was never going to happen so yes, absolutely.

i was telling DD only today how lucky i am to have her and how if i blub sometimes when she hugs me it's not a bad thing. she wasn't listening, of course, too busy banging wooden blocks with a hammer.

Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 23:04:34

Sherlock lol i printed that thread off i had over 300 mess its now in my baby box with my pg test ds hospital wrist band etc etc.
twink i know sometimes drs can be v v unsupportive my first dr was v unsympathetic,but the other dr we saw she was fab,referrals to the hospital the works its only now ive found she was ttc for 6 yrs herself she is expecting in march
i know when your ttc its like the world the dog and his dick (pardon the expression) is pg

Debbsyandson Wed 21-Feb-07 23:10:52

Awww aitch how lovely

Hulababy Thu 22-Feb-07 08:18:17

Debbsyandson - hi; yes - glad you got there. Enjoy your little one

liath Thu 22-Feb-07 08:29:14

Feel very lucky indeed - I have my gorgeous dd who took 4 years to conceive and am expecting number two. Thankfully the memory of those awful years ttc is fading (though still remember throwing things at the TV every time an advert came on with bouncing babies on it ).

Debbsyandson Thu 22-Feb-07 08:50:16

i know what you mean liath congratulations to you.

AitchTwoOh Thu 22-Feb-07 09:14:22

ooooh, do you remember that mastercard ad with the whole 'blah blah blah christmas with your first grandchild - priceless'? that was brilliant fun to see round about EDD time. it used to make me feel sick to my useless stomach. bbbrrrrrrrrrrr, you just don't shake those feelings off, do you?

Debbsyandson Thu 22-Feb-07 09:17:27

yeah i do remember no you dont.I still reminiss when the clearblue digital ad comes

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