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36+2 early labour?

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Gabbslou Sat 07-Jan-17 11:15:08

Hi everyone so I'm a first time mum and been feeling things since Tuesday.
3/1/17- lots of bowel movements.
4/1/17- 2pm roughly lost clear mucus plug. Started with period like cramps and back ache. 11pm started with nausea and headache.
5/1/17- still had period like pains and backache.
6/1/17- still the same all day. 5pm gained a headache and felt nauseous again and loss of appetite. Paracetamol took the away my headache a little.
7/1/17- cramps here and there not as they was before. Headache still and feel like I'm coming down with something and just really tired. Baby moving more than usual and think he's moving down even more as I keep getting a sharp pain now and then in my pubic bone. At mw app he is described as ceph, long, free.
Do you think this is the start or I still have some waiting to do? What did you feel like at this stage? Thanks for any advice and opinions in advance.

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annlee3817 Sat 07-Jan-17 12:54:14

As you've had a headache for a few days now and increased movement I would personally get checked out if I were you.. when was your midwife appt? Any change in movement whether increased or decreased should be checked out

Gabbslou Sat 07-Jan-17 12:58:22

Saw the midwife Thursday and then the consultant yesterday as bump is measuring 38 weeks and they are both happy with everything. Rang labour ward last night and she told me to take a paracetamol and ring back if it got worse but I feel it hasn't.

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Gabbslou Sat 07-Jan-17 14:09:57

Just been to the toilet and lost some more of my plug and still passing soft stool and feel really restless and fed up.

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MiniAlphaBravo Sat 07-Jan-17 19:49:30

Did you tell the midwife about losing your plug? If not I would tell her about that and your other symptoms. Although I told mine I'd been having cramps (35+5) /mans she didn't care st all and suggested I'd overdone it at Xmas - felt like I was being accused of overeating!!

Gabbslou Sat 07-Jan-17 19:58:10

I told the consultant about it all but didn't really say much but then the midwife I spoke to last night said it could be early labour or my body preparing for labour.. just want to hear what other people went through.. I also about an hour ago got a quick sharp pain in my right hand side but didn't really stop in my tracks or anything and only had one more since so I don't know what to think. My pregnancy has been simple and easy up until this week. I'm trying not to panic and overthink but I'm finding it hard right now.

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SurgerplumSprinklePants Sat 07-Jan-17 20:06:31

I can't quite remember my symptoms but just to reassure you re baby, both my DDs were born at 36 weeks and perfectly fine and healthy.

Gabbslou Sat 07-Jan-17 20:10:21

Thank you, I know through contractions your bump gets harder but because my bump is all baby and strong stomach muscles it's hard already so I'm worrying that I won't know if I am in labour when it comes to it. Everything possible is running through my mind right now and I feel like I'm being a crazy drama queen being over the top!

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doggle Sat 07-Jan-17 20:13:47

I had similar. Felt like labour (I actually called the hospital a couple of times as was convinced and was having to stop and breathe through contractions) but didn't actually go into labour properly for another two weeks after losing plug. At the two week point my waters broke, and then my contractions became more regular - almost immediately every four minutes. I was convinced I was in labour for the whole two weeks though.

Gabbslou Sat 07-Jan-17 20:18:48

Don't think I can cope feeling like this for another 2 weeks! My respect goes out to all those mummies who have a hard pregnancy throughout from start to finish! I feel like I'm just being a drama queen but I also known I will feel like this as its my first baby and I haven't got a clue on what to look out for. I'm fed up and ready for his arrival now.

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