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C section and toddler - how did you cope?

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Nottalotta Sat 07-Jan-17 00:44:35

Looks like Dc2 will be born by elcs. Ds was also elcs, and although I had an excellent recovery with him, I'm really concerned about how I'll manage this time. Ds will be 18 months old and does not stop.

Literally. Ever. Gets up 4.30_-5am and often won't nap in his cot, has to be pushed in pram. His cot napping has improved but not reliable.

Doesn't watch telly so can't stick him in front of it even for ten minutes.

H self employed and if there's work to be done will have to do it. Will have help from parents but even so, worrying!

Any tips from.those who've done it?

Neem Sat 07-Jan-17 00:48:15

It's bloody hard work. My DS was 24 months when DC was born. I didn't have any parents around, but luckily DH managed to work from home some days. It helped to put DS in playgroup a few hours a week, and call in friends to help entertain him and run errands. You'll be fine after 6 weeks, but initially try and get DPs and DP to help a few hours a day

yaela123 Fri 13-Jan-17 21:38:41

I had 3 kids who were age 9, 7 & 3 with my 1st c section (emergency) and I was lucky to have them stay with DPs for the day before and the first 3 days after. DPILs stayed with us for 2 days after they came back. I had a relatively easy recovery. The older 2 were at school, OH would take them and we got friends to pick them up for the first 2-3 weeks. 3yo had gone to nursery 2 days a week before and we raised this to 4 days a week.

15 months later I had DTs by ELCS. Much harder and longer recovery. DCs were 11, 8, 4 & 15 mths. They stayed with DPILs for a few days and various friends but it was very difficult with a very energetic toddler and I couldn't have done it without OH. Older kids were quite helpful but it was exhausting.

You'll be fine smile. Don't be afraid to ask for friends and parents to look after your DS.

Gook luck! We all muddle through somehow grin.

greenlizard Tue 17-Jan-17 19:28:21

I trained my toddler to go up and down the stairs on his own, use a step to get in the bath and into his cot so any lifting was minimal. My son was 19 months when the baby was born and it was OK really. Speak to the physio at the hospital who will come and see you afterwards so they can teach you safer ways of.lifting of you have to. My DP was around for 2 weeks in paternity. I shipped in the grand parents on a rota basis but to be honest I found that more.disruptive! I was fine pushing the double buggy and my recovery was good. I was back driving after 4 weeks. You will discover a level.of support from other mothers - in anything from catching runaway toddlers.or have a cheeky cuddle with the baby at play groups so you can focus on your little one. I also kept my son in nursery for a few days a week so I could spend some time with the new baby alone to.establish feeding and bonding. She is now 12 weeks and we seem to have found our rythym a bit in the last few weeks.

Congratulations - you will be absolutely fine!!

Nottalotta Tue 17-Jan-17 21:43:58

Thank you. The grandparents are primed and will continue to have ds one day a week each, possibly more. He can go up the stairs at Gp houses but ours are stupidly steep and he can't yet manage them.

This week we have had a breakthrough with playing in that I've been able to sit on the sofa and ds has played for 20 minutes or so am and pm. Not much out of a day but better than it was?!!

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