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Elective Csection after a traumatic birth?

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eastcoastmum2014 Wed 04-Jan-17 22:23:05

Hi all, just looking for a bit of reassurance and to see if anyone has been through something similar? I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with my second child, a little boy and I'm very excited! However, my DD's birth almost two years ago was very traumatic, during which we both almost died and now I can't even talk about it without bursting into tears- I'm also getting flashbacks and dreaming about it, and its getting worse the closer I get to this little ones birth. Today I asked the consultant for an elective Csection as I don't think I'm mentally strong enough to cope with labour- I know the second the pain starts I will end up having a panic attack! The hospital have been very supportive and I am waiting to hear back from the consultant to discuss it further and book me in. I'm just wondering if anyone has elected for a csection for non medical reasons? I'm also now really anxious that the hospital think I'm some sort if mental case that cant cope with parenthood- I burst into tears twice in the hospital! I'm a very good mum and I'm so excited to meet this little man- just the anxiety around the birth is bringing me down 😢 TIA

Tokelau Wed 04-Jan-17 22:50:05

Yes, I had a terrible birth with my first DD. It was very long, especially the pushing stage, extremely painful as she was back to back and I had forceps and an episiotomy. I had a lot of problems healing after the birth and had PND.

I requested a caesarean for my second child, and the consultant agreed after reading the notes about my previous birth. It went well, I recovered much more quickly than the first birth and had no PND or any problems afterwards.

Isadora2007 Thu 05-Jan-17 00:21:03

I would imagine many many mothers in your situation opt for c sections after that trauma. No shame there at all.
I wish you very well for your birth 💕

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