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EM c section vs Elective c section

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Sweetpea86 Wed 04-Jan-17 20:08:06

Hi Ladies,

I had an em c section after a very long stress full labour.(planned a lovely water birth hahaha) By the time the rushed me down for a section i was high as a kite in a bit of a bubble. As well as uttlery relieved that it was going to be over.

First week was hard with pain and recovery. (but partly because i only stayed one night in hositpal. i might of been better to stay longer. )

Im 20 Weeks pregnant now and spoke to my consultant and mw and oppted for an elective section. i cant even talk about birth with mw without bursting in to tears.

Although im releived that i have a bit more control over birth im still uttlery scared.

has ay one had em section then an elective. Is there a differnce.

any tips or advice to put my mind at ease i wuld be so grateful

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