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Anyone get the poops before labor?

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Nikki2ol6 Wed 04-Jan-17 09:12:32

Last night I felt sick and didn't fancy any dinner. But I forced a little down. I woke up during the night with stomach cramps and the poops!!! Fell back asleep woke up again with stomach cramps and the poops! I'm 40 weeks now so expecting labor to begin any moment. Everything is a sign at this stage but I know the poops can possibly be. So if you had them was it just the poops or also vomiting/ nausea And how long until labor kicked in?

cantmakeme Wed 04-Jan-17 09:16:45

Yes, it was my first sign. I woke about 1am to go to the loo. Once I had been a few times I started having contractions when I go back in bed. Good luck!

gandalf456 Wed 04-Jan-17 09:22:18

Yes. Both times. The second time was more dramatic with total evacuation of both ends

Nikki2ol6 Wed 04-Jan-17 09:25:10

Oh I hope it is a sign I'm fed up lol. My tummy feels a bit off colour low down but I don't feel sickly anymore

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