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When was your first Elective C-Section 'request' Appt?

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Picklingaround79 Sun 01-Jan-17 21:34:09

Sorry for double posting... realise should have put this one here instead!

Can anyone tell me when exactly before their due date they 'booked in' the elective C-Section? i.e. the appointment where you formally 'request' the C-Section with an obstetrician (not a midwife) and they discuss it with you and assess why you want/need it etc. then agree a date?

When I first said I wanted a c-section way back at my first midwife appt. they said they'd refer me later on to speak to an obs. They didn't, and it wasn't until I saw my GP with anxiety symptoms recently that she wrote a referral herself based on that.

Because it's been left so late, I now don't have an appt. with the Obstetrician till 25th Jan and am due on 27th Feb. Feel like it's leaving it all a bit late to start the process but I may be wrong??

What did everyone else find, and was it a straightforward process for you?

Asking as am dreading the entire process tbh - had a traumatic first labour with DD and not looking forward to having to 'prove' my anxiety as it were...


reallyanotherone Sun 01-Jan-17 21:44:17

I was referred to the vbac clinic at 32 weeks, talked over birth 1, presented with options, risks and benefits.

Given a lot of well researched reading material, rebooked for 36 weeks.

At 36 weeks I informed them my choice was elcs, i saw the surgeon straight away and booked in for 38 weeks.

That straightforwardsmile. I do think if you can demonstrate you have considered all the medical advice, and based your decision on the information given, they respect your choice. You're more likely to get an argument if you start demanding and refusing to listen to the medical options, as the staff have a duty of care to make sure you are making an informed decision, so need to make sure you know all the risks.

feekerry Sun 01-Jan-17 21:45:45

I had a emcs first time round and second time round at my first midwife apt (12 weeks?) they asked about delivery and said someone would be in touch. Saw a consultant about 20 ish weeks I think and was asked what I wanted and was given facts in both options. I stuck with an elective and I then got a date about a month before it was done at 39 weeks. I think I only saw a consultant once. They didn't pressure either way just presented facts and asked for my choice. They said it would be done around 39 weeks but didn't get the apt till 3 or 4 weeks before and it was changed last min anyway.
Good luck

Bellabelloo Sun 01-Jan-17 21:46:49

My team have refused to talk about it each time I have seen them but say they will at my next scan when I will be 37 weeks! I definitely feel that is cutting it fine but it has been like banging my head against a brick wall!

Doje Sun 01-Jan-17 21:51:21

It can happen really quickly! With DS2 I was aiming for a VBAC but said all along I wouldn't be induced again. I went overdue, nothing looked like it was moving in the right direction (same as DS1 which ended in induction / EMCS) and on the Monday I had a routine appt, I asked for a C-section and it happened on the Thursday. There's always time!

Picklingaround79 Sun 01-Jan-17 22:17:21

Thank you everyone (and sorry again for multiple post).

reallyanotherone - Your situation sounds very similar to mine, it's reassuring to hear that the process can be initiated that late on. Unfortunately (and from my GP's reaction) there has been a cock-up in my case and the midwives should have really referred me much earlier to the Obs and Psych team to discuss options. It's been left a bit late but I'm just really hoping my first Obs appt. at end of Jan is straightforward, and they don't try to contest it or fob me off. I have heard of cases where this happened and that worries me.

I will make sure I go well informed, but really, it's all on paper already that I had a traumatic first labour and my GP has diagnosed anxiety as a result... I just hope I get a sympathetic Obs to speak to who believes this.

It's good to see how late the C-Sections can be formally booked in too. Must indeed feel like a surreal process to 'pick' a date.

Thanks all

Picklingaround79 Sun 01-Jan-17 22:19:49

Bellaboo - Sounds like you really need to make some noise to get heard better. That does sound really frustrating, can you call and make a complaint/raise it with the Obs/Gyn team directly?

Bellabelloo Sun 01-Jan-17 22:55:31

They have promised to discuss it with me...but not until then! My midwife says it's normal at our hospital! Who knows...!

kiki22 Sun 01-Jan-17 23:02:25

I would call the hospital and see if you could get in earlier that app will be automatic I found you could sometimes get closer app if needed if you spoke to them. I ended up going in at 39 +3 with reduced movement they offered me a slot 2 days later or be induced that day so they must have last minute slots for non emergencies too.

I'm in Scotland though from what I've read its much easier to get appointments and planned sections here that other areas. My ob agreed because I seemed upset at the thought and booked me in there and then then I changed my mind then back again and each time they were very understanding and sorted it I was ready for a fight after reading the experiences on mn.

SimileMilly Sun 01-Jan-17 23:09:58

It can be arranged really quickly. I was talked out of a CS at one of my first appointments with DC2 however my husband was almost killed in a car accident when I was 38 wks pg and I was granted an ELCS on a Thursday for the following Monday on the basis there was no way I was prepared to go through another natural labour without him.

Laineymc7 Sun 01-Jan-17 23:11:40

I'm due in 4 weeks and only just had my appointment and date. They do it really late so approx 36 weeks.

FuzzyOwl Sun 01-Jan-17 23:13:50

I would contact PALS and see if you can get an earlier appointment. In my experience they tend to leave it all to the last minute and, cynically, I wonder if this is so that you change your mind or go into labour beforehand anyway.

TurquoiseDress Sun 01-Jan-17 23:39:19

I was almost 36 weeks with my first pregnancy when I forced myself to go to the GP to discuss the possibility of getting a CS

My lovely GP referred me to the local hospital & once I saw the consultant they booked me in for a date straight away which was 39 weeks bang on.

I still had to see another consultant on a different day as a formality & also see a consultant psychiatrist to check I was of "sound mind" (yes thank you, just because I would like a CS doesn't mean I'm mentally unwell)

All in all I left it very late but it all worked out ok in the end.
The relief I felt once it was booked was tremendous!

EstelleRoberts Sun 01-Jan-17 23:53:16

It is time enough for them to book you in, though it seems they have not given due consideration to your anxiety, and how the uncertainty will almost undoubtedly be making that worse. They have failed you on that, so you can use it as leverage if they start trying to fob you off. Make it clear that the delay has been unhelpful, and any further delay on their part will make things even worse.

I wonder if the lateness of the appointment with the obstetrician means you will not have time to jump through any of the hoops where they try to change your mind, and so you will be booked in straight away?

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