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post natal depression second time round?

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kateonamission Sat 31-Dec-16 12:47:28

I suffered with pnd and ptsd so badly after the birth of my daughter two years ago. I am due to have my second in two months time and am terrified of it happening again.
Just wanted to hear peoples experiences, am I more at risk of getting it again since I've had it before? Is there anything I can do this time round to avoid it? Has anyone had it the first time But gone on to not have it again?
Any stories would be really helpful reading, right now I'm just thinking about how bad it was last time round and starting to panic as it is not long to go now.

westeringhome Sun 01-Jan-17 13:40:32

I had it with dcs 1 and 2 but not with dcs 3 or 4. I went for a perinatal mental health appointment in the last trimester of dc 3 (which is now a standard option where I live) so that in the event of it happening again I could begin treatment immediately, plus they can help you monitor for antenatal depression, which they say can be quite common and undiagnosed can lead to pnd, and you can discuss factors regarding your personal situation that may help you to minimise the likelihood of developing it again. In my case I feel that unsupportive partner, trouble breastfeeding, traumatic birth, not resting, the unpredictable nature of a newborn and having unrealistic expectations all contributed to my pnd so I was able to take steps to at least address these issues. As I said, I didn't have it 3rd or 4th time round which may just be the luck of the draw, although when I had the standard baby blues I had to talk myself down from an "Oh my god its pnd again" mindset. I would definitely suggest talking to your midwife / gp regarding your worries as they can help tailor a plan of action which you may find reassuring. I know how shit it is but there are steps you can take now to help prepare yourself, and not let the fear of pnd spoil the last couple of months of your pregnancy smile

kateonamission Sun 01-Jan-17 14:03:57

Thanks for your reply, did you receive any treatment for your pnd? I refused treatment when I had it so don't really know what they would have offered or whether it would have helped. I think my factors were similar to yours in contributing, I've changed a lot of things this time round like having a home birth planned etc, but I still feel unprepared.

FrankAndBeans Sun 01-Jan-17 14:23:22

I had pre and postnatal depression with my first and none with my second. I'm in a much better place in life though, and have found the experience much different overall.

pinguina16 Mon 02-Jan-17 13:55:36

Hi OP. I suffered from severe depression after the birth of my son and therefore have an idea of treatments available.

If you're lucky and there is a perinatal mental health service where you are, I'd ask your GP to refer you now. You can always go once to see what they can offer.
Depending on your symptoms and medical history you can be offered antidepressants. Unless it is severe (in which case you'll need a psychiatrist), your GP is the person to go to.
When I declared depression my health visitors offered me to join a local postnatal depression support group. Your midwife now and HV later should be able to advise you on such groups.

If I were you I'd get in touch in the PANDAS Foundation UK so you can talk to other women in your position or who have already had a second child.
There's a nice podcast called PNDandme you may want to tune in to.
Depression is rarely triggered by one factor only. There's a mix of biological and psychosocial factors at play. For that reason I think seeing your GP but also contacting support groups would be helpful. Once you have an idea of where the balance is tipping for you at that moment, you can choose a more medicalised approach or lean towards self-help and support groups. Talking therapy can be very helpful as well.

I know less about PTSD but the Birth Trauma association is a group of women who have suffered from the condition. It'd be worth dropping them an email I think.

And of course depression is not a fatality and you may never develop the condition again.

All the best smile

westeringhome Mon 02-Jan-17 16:08:54

Yes, the first time I was put on Seroxat and sent on my way. I came off them myself when I felt better but there was never really any follow up. I think it was still lingering when I had dc2, but that time I was offered tablets plus talk therapy. The talk therapy was excellent. Some years later when I had an anxiety problem I refused the pills and went on a cbt course. I think the talk therapy and cbt helped change my way of thinking about things, as for me it was more my outlook that needed to change, and although meds can certainly be helpful, it was more the therapy tools that helped long term.

QueenLaBeefah Mon 02-Jan-17 16:12:27

I had PND with my first but not with my second. I did, however, promise myself when I was pregnant with my second baby that I would get help as soon as possible at the first sign of depression. With my first I was deep in denial which probably prolonged the misery.

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