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Basingstoke/Winchester / Surrey that have private room with dad's staying over?

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Xmasbloat Sat 31-Dec-16 12:18:27

We are trying for a baby and moving soon. I want a hospital where I can get a private room and my DH can sleep over.

Due to health factors and the likihood of an elective c -section, I need an obstetric team.

We currently close to :
Winchester county hospital
Frimley park

We might stay in the area or move towards Guildford which has
Royal Surrey County hospital. Or Bagshot/ Virgina Water surrounds. Though St Peters hospital didn't get good reviews.

I don't know what other hospitals are in Surrey.

So ideally I want a NHS hospital that offers a private room that allows DH to stay overnight. Pre-booking / ensuite would be nice.
I want a good hospital not one that has lots of bad experinces.

Otherwise I will have to take my DH offer on private but aren't they all in London and I worry about travel and of course the costs?

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