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Waters have broken.... what now?!

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Spink Mon 19-Feb-07 10:04:00

I've just come back from the hospital - I woke up this morning at 4 to my waters breaking.. phoned the hospital at 7ish and they told us to come in to check if it was actually waters or just wee...
So. it was the waters (hurrah) but the hospital visit thing was a bit annoying as they went straight on to talk to us about induction if labour doesn't progress. We eventually agreed to book in for an induction on Wednesday, but my plan is if nothing has happened then still, I think I will still play for more time.
I had some little contractions earlier, not very painful, lasting 10-20 secs, ranging from 5 mins apart to 20 mins apart. Right now I just have periody type aches, so it looks like nothing much is happening?
Anyone got any advice or had this happen to them?

fannyannie Mon 19-Feb-07 10:06:58

The 'recommended' time period between waters breaking and induction is 72hrs I believe - I know with DS2 my waters broke Sunday morning (about 9.50am) and I was induced Wednesday... they actually had me booked in for Wednesday am - but it was 3.30pm by the time they got round to it............mind you this was a hospital that swore blind that I would NOT be induced if my waters went because of a previous Cs...

pucca Mon 19-Feb-07 10:07:22

My waters broke at 4am (seems a popular time! lol) but my contractions started about 1 hr later, dd wasn't born until 28hrs after waters went, i think after 24 hrs of waters gone the baby is at risk of infection (dd was fine) so they give you iv antibiotics (iirc) and they prefer for the baby to come out sooner than later...

Good luck! how exciting for you

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 10:11:18


well, no sex now to help bring things on , but nipple stim can help get thing going, have a good bounce on the gym ball and think birthy thoughts!!

sounds like things are starting , so that is really great!

the NICE guidelines do say that you can have 96 hours from waters breaking until you should be induced, if labour has not started. So that would take you to early hours of Thursday . So if you are not comfortable being induced Wednesday, you could play for more time, by agreeing to regular monitoring, and checks for infection.

obviously, the bag of water has an important role to play in keeping baby safe from infection, but you can certainly go 96 hours

obviously, should you start to feel unwell, feverish, or just not right, then you must go straight to labour ward.

tips for natural induction

Biglips Mon 19-Feb-07 10:11:31

good luck spink x

fannyannie Mon 19-Feb-07 10:13:38

ooo that's intersting lulu - I when I had DS1 I was given 24hrs, DS2 was given 72hrs - didn't realise it they had increased the time frame again.......(and given that with both DS's my waters broke and nothing else happened I have a strong suspicion it'll happen this time round).

JillyBeansNW Mon 19-Feb-07 10:17:27

My waters broke with my last two without me going into labour immediately. They let me go 5 days with the first one (I was only 36 weeks, and they made me stay in hospital) and then I went into labour myself. With DD in august I was in labour within about 4 hours.

How many weeks are you?

<<waves at Lulu, who seems to be hanging out on yet another childbirth thread >>

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 10:17:58

yes..hospitals don;t tend to always follow NICE guidelines..some give you 24 hours, some 48, but 96 is allowed !

are you having a homebirth and did you find a doula, FA?

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 10:18:17

<<yoo hoo know me!!.....>>

fannyannie Mon 19-Feb-07 10:20:57

lulu - no I've decided against the Homebirth - DH really wasn't keen on the idea - and given we're trying to rebuild our marriage I figured it was something I could 'give up' to keep things happy between us.

However I HAVE found a Doula - and he was absolutely fine about me having one - didn't really need convincing at all - I just told him why I wanted one (after explaining roughly what they are) and he said ok

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 10:21:40

glad you are making progress with DH

Spink Mon 19-Feb-07 10:23:25

Thank you everyone it is lovely to hear from you all ..
I am 38 weeks and 1 day! so baby should be fully cooked. Just as well it is getting started now, as DH is off to work in Italy for 3 weeks on Sunday, and would have missed the birth if the bub was on time.
I am bouncing on my ball as I type (a bit tricky) and will start nipple tweaking imminently...
and I'll let you know how it goes!

fannyannie Mon 19-Feb-07 10:23:26

I'm still a little upset that I'm not getting my homebirth (well not a planned one anyhow - you never know with babies do you LOL). But Homebirth AND Doula were top of my list of things I wanted so I can't really complain that I've got 1/2 of my 'wish' list

JillyBeansNW Mon 19-Feb-07 10:29:17

I set you the challenge of bouncing on ball, nipple tweeking and typing all at the same time .

My typing is always appalling when I am trying to bf at the same time

TheBlonde Mon 19-Feb-07 10:34:43

Going for a long walk helped to start my labour off (waters went 9am ish, went to hosp for checkup which took hours, long walk, finally got labour going 5pm ish)

Good luck

JillyBeansNW Mon 19-Feb-07 12:33:49

<<wonders how things are?>>

Spink Mon 19-Feb-07 13:32:29

hello again! Had a sleep and contractions seem to be building up again... a bit more challenging than they were, but still pretty far apart, bout 20 mins or so.
I am starving so about to tuck into some lovely food my mum has made!

Booboobedoo Mon 19-Feb-07 13:34:32

Hi Spink - I'm 38+1 too! Just wanted to wish you luck.

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 13:36:41

that sounds really promising Spink, i had a doze 5 hours after my labour had started niggling, and once i had had a rest, it really got going! make sure you drink too ...! water, or juice, not gin!

Spink Mon 19-Feb-07 16:59:47

Hmm. Baby is teasing. It all seems to have ground to a halt again. I am putting a film on, eating choccy biscuits and waiting for darkness to fall...

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 21:09:41

<<sticks head round the door to see if any baby action yet....>>

JillyBeansNW Mon 19-Feb-07 21:25:45

<<waves at Lulu>>
Spink - you do know that when it all kicks off at 1 in the morning Lulu and I expect you to post here before you head off, don't you?

<<sends welcoming vibes to spinklet>>

lulumama Mon 19-Feb-07 21:26:55

yeeees..i will be out after about 10.15 for most of the day, so after about 6 pm is fine for you to go !! snooooooooooooort

JillyBeansNW Tue 20-Feb-07 13:21:52

Any news?

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 09:33:54

weeeeellllll ????

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