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Ragged membranes - TMI warning!!!?

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Sunshine511 Mon 19-Dec-16 09:23:13

Please do not read if you are squeamish!!!

When I gave birth to DD2, my placenta had ragged membranes. Immediately after the placenta was delivered, they attempted to find the membranes that hadn't come out but told me they couldn't get to them. They examined the placenta and then came back to inform me that it was only a small piece and I would pass it over the coming days. Anyway, I had bad cramps which I assumed was afterpains when DD was 5 days old. I went to the toilet and there was a large piece of tissue just dangling (sorry, really unpleasant!!)

Anyway, I attempted to pull this out which, in turn was making me feel like I was going to pass out. It was terribly difficult to do but eventually it came out. It was about 2cm thick and probably around 30cm in length.

It was honestly quite a horrific and scary experience and after being told I'd pass something very small that they said I wouldn't even notice, I just feel as though the midwives got it very wrong.

Surely they should have given me some kind of scan to see what had been left behind?

I suppose I'm hoping someone qualified may come along and tell me if the midwives didn't follow procedures correctly. It still plays on my mind months on.

Thank you.

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babynelly2010 Mon 19-Dec-16 12:44:27

I am not mw but had what you had with my first birth. They did not tell me that I had rugged membranes. I just had something dangling down there a day a two after birth and they pulled a piece out a size of my hand when I returned to the hospital.
They tested mine for infection and I had 3 ultrosounds after to confirm that all products passed. You should return to hospital as you may need more care.

ispymincepie Tue 20-Dec-16 00:37:04

Ooh I had this too after dc3, trailing membranes. After a few hours I managed to tug it out but it made me feel super squeamish. I was vigilant for signs of infection (had none) and told the midwife when she next visited. She was horrified it had been left behind but didn't follow it up.

jinglestheelf Tue 20-Dec-16 00:42:14

Definitely go back, I had something similar and I phoned the postnatal ward and they told me to go in to be looked at. Keep the retainer product if you still have it so they can confirm what it is. They also arranged s follow up scan a few days later

Imnotaslimjim Tue 20-Dec-16 00:45:02

I had this after DD. I didn't realise it could happen after ELCS but after having a huge blood loss and passing a massive, stringy clot the MW told me my membranes had been ragged and "possibly left behind." The clot was tested and proved to be the missing membranes. It did bother me that they didn't check afterwards to make sure the uterus was clear but they said everything was fine.

ohanami Tue 20-Dec-16 07:25:09

I was told that the membranes had been ragged after dd2 was born, but they thought they might have found the missing piece while they were stitching me up. They sent me home with strict instructions to contact mw or gp if I developed a fever, but nobody suggested a scan etc.

Four weeks later a massive clot and big bit of membrane fell out... At that point the gp sent me back for a scan to make sure everything was finally out.

The frustrating thing was that I'd been having difficulty breastfeeding and as soon as the last bits of placenta etc came out, it was like my milk had come in again. It nearly stopped me breastfeeding, and could have caused problems for dd (everyone thought she was feeding well, it's just milk supply wasn't enough for her, possibly because of the retained products)

ispymincepie Tue 20-Dec-16 09:38:49

That's interesting about the feeding and makes total sense!

theaveragewife Tue 20-Dec-16 09:43:24

With my first dc I had a lot of retained 'stuff' and it caused me problems for years, only found this out when I had a hysteroscopy.

With dc2 I had ragged membranes and was given antibiotics on the ward - then passed a clot around the size of half the placenta the next night, really scary. I found strings of membrane in it and after calling the ward they just told me to keep an eye on it!?!? I remember thinking I might die. Quite scary.

Sunshine511 Tue 20-Dec-16 10:04:44

I can't believe how many of us this has happened to and how differently the professionals have dealt with it each time! I feel for you all. I just remember thinking "I am not qualified to be doing this" when I was pulling it out. The size of it was quite terrifying. To me, it seems as though we all should have been scanned to check if everything had gone. It's too late now for me to go back as it was months ago. I wish I had asked to be scanned at the time though as it would have saved me sitting at home worrying.

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