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Is this a sign that my baby is on the way?

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michie40 Thu 15-Feb-07 15:38:54

I am 38 weeks and last night from about 4 inthe afternoon til 4.30 this morning I had quite strong period pains low down and in my back. It started off as a constant ache but during the night they became more painfull and started coming in waves about every 15mins. Then at bout 4.30 this morning they disappeared. I have has a few twinges today but apart from being very tired im feeling nothing else. This is my second child but I had a bit of a weird birth with no.1 and ended up being induced after my waters had broken so I am not sure what to expect at the start of labour. Is this likely to indicate things are happening or is it just wishful thinking. Any advice or experience would be very welcome as my husband works 3hrs away and i have a 2yr old to try to organise care for is somethings happens.

Psychobabble Thu 15-Feb-07 15:41:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lulumama Thu 15-Feb-07 15:41:58

sounds like your body gearing up for labour, once true labour starts, it does not stop , but all these practice contractions are doing something helpful

impossible to predict if it will be tonight , tomorrow or at 40 weeks! sorry !

sazjaz Thu 15-Feb-07 15:51:14

my second came at 38 wks i had a few twinges in the day . i went bed and woke up with an urge to (how can i say it ) have a clear out .thats when it all started and i had her 45 minits later so it maybe a sign to watch for

lorie Thu 15-Feb-07 15:56:11

I also had a 'clear out'! God it was almost explosive! Also had mild period type pains a day or two before baby arrived,so could be a sign.

Good luck xxx

michie40 Thu 15-Feb-07 16:04:14

thanks - all advice much appreciated. I had a "clear out" last night which made me think that it might have been leading to something.
Wow 45 minutes later sazjaz - thats a bit quick. What i think i really want is a due date and timer on my stomach which just rings when the babies "cooked" and ready to come out. It would be much more convenient.

sazjaz Thu 15-Feb-07 16:09:59

my third was born in 9 minits and the forth 7 minits took three pushes with both

hertsnessex Thu 15-Feb-07 19:26:49

i think its going to happen v soon. get some rest.


makemineaginandtonic Thu 15-Feb-07 19:31:36

I have been having a "clear out" and period pains for several days now, when will it turn into something proper!!!

michie40 Thu 15-Feb-07 19:46:17

The period pains have come back again tonight - going to have a bath and see if this makes them go away. Do hope they don't last for days- you poor thing gin&tonic.

makemineaginandtonic Thu 15-Feb-07 19:49:02

I was excited to start with, now just wish it would go away. No show or anything else so maybe just practising!! I am 38+1 so potentially a while to go yet!

sazjaz Fri 16-Feb-07 10:26:56

hows things going michie . any sign ?

becca2007 Fri 16-Feb-07 19:12:25

Hello, sorry to crash the thread... but been having very similar symptoms, just after some reassurance!

Lower back pain and period type pains started during the night, but I wasn't sure if it was just cos of awkward sleeping position. Carried on this morning along with "clearing out" and has got worse and worse... lower back and low down at the front too. Like OP was constant ache earlier, now getting waves of pain... but not too sure about pattern or times. Quite frequent though.

Had a bath which helped for a while, but hurts again now. Is it safe to take anything? Suppose it's just sit and wait now... but not too sure what I'm waiting for! Do you just "know" when they're proper contractions? Do they usually start without a show or waters going? I'm 39 weeks today.

I'm such a wimp, if this pain is getting to me so much... god knows how i'll cope with the real thing!

lorie Fri 16-Feb-07 19:52:49

Sounds promising Becca, I am no expert but looks to me like things could be moving!

Before my little one arrived I had strong pains, I didn't know what to expect and I also thought 'god how will I cope with the real thing' but when I got to the hosp I was 3cm dilated and baby boy came 3 yrs later!

Good Luck xx

rosylonginglily Fri 16-Feb-07 20:05:43

You could take some paracetamol Try and really relax and breath. You could time them. Have you got any company? You could always ring your mw for reassurance, that's what they are there for. You could even go in for a checkup to see if anything is happening.

becca2007 Sat 17-Feb-07 01:14:54

Thanks. Just phoned and the MW said to have another bath (I've just had one!!) and then to come in if they don't die down.

So I'll be going in shortly... argh!!! Am very very scared now... feel shakey and a bit sick, not sure if down to nerves or labour.

At what stage can you have an epidural, if anyone is still awake?!

rosylonginglily Sat 17-Feb-07 07:54:11

All the best Becca, hope this is it!!! You'll be fine! Relax, breath....maybe you already have your baby!

becca2007 Wed 21-Feb-07 23:44:27

Thank you, I had by that point! Got to the hospital at 2am, waters broke soon afterwards and beautiful DS was born at 3.36am!! 6lb 9oz, he is gorgeous

Only thing was though... when MW examined me I was fully dilated and obviously far too late for my epidural! <sob> Didn't even get gas and air or anything, so thank goodness he came quickly. Can't believe I was so far along without realising it... in the 5 minutes it took to get the hospital, contractions went from being quite painful to absolutely unbearable - so pretty good timing really, I guess!

Anyway, aside from feeling quite smug and proud of myself for managing without pain relief, hehe - off to enjoy some lovely yummy wine

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