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Natural birth or c section-advice please

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WalkinglikeJohnWayne Sun 27-Nov-16 18:11:51

Hi everyone first time poster! So I'm due my second baby on Christmas day. I have SPD and Sciatica so am pretty immobile at the mo, crutches from 20 weeks n now have a wheelchair for outside. I had a 3rd degree tear last labour with forceps delivery after induction due to SPD. I've already said I don't want to be induced so consultant said they would book me in for elective section at 41 weeks incase I go over. I was offered a c section due to the previous tear which I declined as I was desperate for a natural birth (preferably waterbirth) after the traumatic experience of last labour. However, I'm now worried about how immobile I am and worried about how I'll actually manage in labour and if I'll be able to push this large boy out! I'm wondering now whether I should request an elective c section but I'm worried about how this will affect my previous bad back (intermittent protruding discs) or do I risk natural and end up with another tear etc n run the risk of incontinence and other problems? Has anyone had a similar experience? I can't make decisions at the best of times confused Thanks in advance

TribbleTrouble Sun 27-Nov-16 20:02:18

Oh bloody hell, what a time you've had/having. I think you need to weigh up the possibility of being immobile due to the lingering effects of SPD after birth and recovering alongside a c-section wound.

If you had a third degree tear, do you know if it was 3a,b or c as that might make a difference to your decision. Has the consultant assessed your scar?

Also, there is a lot of good evidence about advocating the use of perineal massage in reducing birth trauma. Might be worth a look.

WalkinglikeJohnWayne Sun 27-Nov-16 21:38:47

I don't know about the a, b, or c. I had to go to theatre straight after delivery but I've healed well and had no problems since.
Yes I've thought about the mobility issues afterwards as if the spd doesn't go after labour I'd be in a bit of a pickle not being able to drive or walk with a 3 year old to look after and take to school etc. It's so difficult! I've got a consultant review next week so I'll have a good old chat with her about it and I'll defo look into the perineal massage, thanks x

TribbleTrouble Mon 28-Nov-16 08:19:14

There are different degrees of third degree tears, so c is the worst and a is the least worst. So if you had a 3c tear that may actually help you to make a decision about actually having a section or not.

You could labour in water, then get out to give birth on land, then if they think you'd tear they could give you an episiotomy. It's difficult to know what to suggest, I think with a section, at least you know when it is and can plan paternity leave and help for yourself in the recovery.

Try looking for positive birth movement on Facebook, you can ask for a similar question to be asked as a status and maybe there might be someone in a similar position who can advise. Also look at the pelvic partnership as well, they may be able to help. Have you had any osteopaty sessions, I had some when I got SPD with my second and it was amazing.

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