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Membrane Sweep

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Samkate Wed 23-Nov-16 17:23:25

Hi all

I'm 40+1 and had my membrane sweep today. Midwife told me I'm 2cm dilated, with a soft, short cervix that is in a good position.

Interesting thing I learnt from her, apparently after you've had a baby your cervix never properly closes again, so you're always 1cm dilated even when not pregnant!
(Makes be being 2cm dilated slightly less exciting!)

I had two sweeps with my first baby so not getting my hopes up to avoid induction this time, but she said it's more likely to work with subsequent babies.

Anyone else getting close/over?

happydays00 Wed 23-Nov-16 19:22:18

Me OP.

Had my first sweep today, It's my first baby (and sweep) but I am also 2cm dilated. Apparently this still doesn't mean labour is imminent sad

I've had intense period pains and lots of braxton hicks since but not sure this is anything to get excited about yet either? Going to have a bath and see if it slows down.

Samkate Wed 23-Nov-16 20:47:46

I've had horrible period pains ever since too, and back ache. Generally been feeling pretty crap since (but happy about it).
I'm feeling a little more optimistic this time because I've already lost most of, if not all of, my plug. Whereas I didn't lose any until after my first sweep last time.
When was your due date happy?

happydays00 Wed 23-Nov-16 21:07:00

I'm due in a week but they would like to get the baby out sooner if possible.

I've been having contractions every 8-10 minutes for about 1.5 hours - really hope they don't fizzle out!! Could this be it?!

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 07:03:16

Oh exciting!! Please don't say they fizzled out...

happydays00 Thu 24-Nov-16 10:11:17

The fizzled out.... sad

Soubriquet Thu 24-Nov-16 10:15:57

Keep active and moving

If you have a birthing ball get bouncing

If you don't, plenty of walking where possible

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 10:29:18

Oh no! I was hoping you weren't replying cause you were busy having a baby!
I'm still getting back and period pains off and on but nothing that's progressing or regular.
I really think I'm gonna be induced again.
But I shall use this as an excuse to go shopping. Gotta keep walking! grin

happydays00 Thu 24-Nov-16 11:48:45

Sadly not samkate. Still got constant period pains so as soubriquet suggests am bouncing on my ball and will be taking the dogs for a walk shortly.

When's your induction booked for samkate?

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 13:52:46

I've got an appointment for a second sweep on tues, then I'll be induced at 12 days over which will be Sunday next week.

Do you mind me asking why they're keen to get your baby out early?

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 13:53:39

I'm now bouncing on my ball and blowing up balloons!
My 34 week pregnant friend had to blow balloons yesterday and it gave her braxton hicks!! Gotta be worth a try! wink

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 15:02:37

I've been losing my plug bit by bit for the last two weeks.
I've just lost LOADS of it.
Quick happy!! Get some balloons! We can blow them all up then have a party once our babies come!!

happydays00 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:26:58

samkate this is very exciting!!! Any other progress for you? I've also lost more of plug today and a couple more contractions but nothing more yet. Come onnnnnn babies!!!

I've had bad HG and am having some complications from this so as the baby is now full term better to get it out sooner, rather than later smile

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 15:31:00

Hopefully it won't be long for you then smile

Just still a lot of period pains. I imagine it's all just pain in my cervix opening up a bit more.
I keep bouncing on my ball but I've been getting SPD pain this last week, luckily not horrendous but still very painful.

happydays00 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:36:23

SPD pains sound awful, I really do feel sorry for those suffering with it!

Just lost more of my plug... back to bouncing on this ball like I'm in an Olympic space hopper race!

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 15:46:11

Ha! I just blew up a balloon so much it just burst!! Ow! My lips! Haha!

Come on! We can get these babies out!

happydays00 Thu 24-Nov-16 16:28:08

Sorry samkate but that did make me laugh! Sheer desperation right there!

Keep me updated if anything starts to progress for you - my fingers are firmly crossed!

AudreyBradshaw Thu 24-Nov-16 19:42:01

Same for me, had a sweep yesterday, 2 cm etc....twinges all last night....nothing! I was all smug about my overachieving cervix and now it's just being an arsehole and doing nothing exciting!

First baby, wondering why I'm wishing pain on myself but I could have done with it arriving last night! Dh is borderline hysterical but trying to keep it on the D/L, he's more stressed than I am.

happydays00 Thu 24-Nov-16 19:54:20

Haha oh Audrey your poor DH! I sometimes think it must be quite hard for them to watch! Mine has been extremely laid back - very unlike him, I don't know whether to be concerned or relieved!

When are/were you due?

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 19:55:19

Being overdue is all about patience!
I remember when I was overdue with my son, it was like torture.
Luckily this time I was prepared for it. Doesn't make it easy but I'm certainly less excited at every twinge this time.
My husband said yesterday that he thought I would go into labour tonight...sadly I'm proving him wrong!
I wouldn't mind too much, but my sons birthday is 2nd Dec, so the longer this goes on, the more chance they will have to share a birthday confused
I was getting some twinges about an hour ago, but it was more like he was pinching me from the inside. So nothing to get my hopes up.

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 19:56:09

When are you due audrey?

AudreyBradshaw Thu 24-Nov-16 21:14:27

Tuesday just gone samkate and happydays grin

It's what I keep thinking, this is a lesson in patience! Just want to know what we've got now! Dh isn't coping because he's overtired and his work aren't helping at all, plus he's not entitled to paternity leave so he's struggling with that too, and he doesn't want to see me in pain!

Come on naughty lazy babies!

Samkate Thu 24-Nov-16 21:53:54

Same as me audrey - 22nd Nov!

How is he not entitled to paternity leave? It's law that you get two weeks government paid leave isn't it?

AudreyBradshaw Thu 24-Nov-16 23:09:33

Only if you've been there a certain number of months (contracted) from what I can gather sam and he's only been there 6 weeks so doesn't want to rock the boat by asking for the government allowance ones, plus. We'll manage, I hope! I've got my family around and I'm sure they'll let him have a couple of days, well, fingers crossed anyway!

He's just farted and it smells like a zombie corpse threw up on the bed so he may not live long enough to need paternity leave anyway as I will have murdered him.

Samkate Fri 25-Nov-16 07:55:12

Ah that's a shame audrey (about the leave i mean, not the fart...The fart is horrendous and I presume you made him sleep on the sofa last night wink). But at least he has a job more importantly.

Any twinges overnight ladies?
I've just lost yet more of my plug. Seriously, how much is up there???

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